Advantages of ayurvedic hair oils

Advantages of ayurvedic hair oils

There’s a famous quote,” The hair is the richest ornament of women”. Truly, having a thick, quality, healthy hair is like a cherry on the cake, not just for women, but for men too! Good volume and texture of the hair add on to the beauty of a person. However, it’s difficult to maintain due to the pollution in the outside world. Proper caring by applying hair oil on a regular basis is required for healthy and shinier hair. Among several kinds of oil available in the market, ayurvedic hair oil is considered to be the best due to its natural ingredients and also chemical-free nature.


How and when to use ayurvedic hair oil?

Herbal hair oil isn’t just used for hair strengthening and other hair improving qualities such as eradication of dandruff, prevention of hair fall, split hairs, early grey (white) hairs, etc. Rather, it’s also used for health benefits like sleep improvement, peaceful mind, to get over the headache, stimulation of sensory receptors (sense organs), reduction of wrinkles on face, etc. According to Ayurveda, different ways of applying hair oil to the scalp and hair is termed “Murdha Taila.” Since ayurvedic hair oil is used for various purposes, the application method differs based on the required result.


For quality hair:

One’s hair is said to be of good quality when there’s good hair growth, minimal split ends, no premature grey (white) hairs, also having smoother and shinier hair. To obtain this, the oil needs to be gently applied to the scalp and hair during the night (before sleep time), should be washed on the next morning with hot water. This needs to be done once a week. However, if the hair is too dry or said to have more dandruff, oiling hair twice in a week is suggestible.

The best method to apply hair oil is by making a center partition on the head, later using the fingertips to apply oil to the scalp starting from forehead to the backside of the neck. Apply oil to the entire scalp by making adjacent partitions. It’s recommended not to massage more oil along the hair length as the hair might get accumulated with dirt or dust. At last, gently massage the scalp with tiny circular motions so that blood circulation gets stimulated and also favors the oil absorption. Mildly heated hair oil in double boiling method is known to be more beneficial as it accommodates easy absorption and is pleasant on scalp. One can apply a teaspoon of oil on the same day after a shower provided person is staying at home. However, not advisable while going out, since oil attracts the dust over hairs when being exposed to the external environment.


For dandruff removal:

The presence of dandruff makes the hair to lose its beauty. Not only that it’s a kind of annoying feeling to experience an itchy and dry scalp! Dry skin, sensitive scalp, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, stress, alkaline shampoo, air pollution, and not shampooing hair enough are few of the reasons which cause dandruff (white skin flakes). Applying the oil containing Neem, a one-hour prior head bath, later washing with hot water helps in dandruff removal. The oil could be directly applied to the entire scalp and the hair roots.


For headache and good sleep:

According to ayurvedic texts, humans said to possess three doshas namely Vata, Kapha, and Pitta. For proper functioning of the human body, all 3 doshas (energies) must be in balance and harmony. In case, if any of the doshas is imbalanced, then its effects are mainly noticed on the hair. It’s believed that headache is usually associated with Vata Dosha which gets dominant during the evening time. Thus, ayurvedic doctors suggest applying the oil around 5-6 PM. For a night of good sleep, it’s advisable to gently massage the oil overhead, after food before going to sleep.


Advantages of ayurvedic hair oil:


Hair problems like premature greying, coarse hair, dandruff, and hair fall get automatically resolved on nullifying the effects of excess doshas.

Neem is one of the most common herbs used in almost all ayurvedic hair oils. Its immunity-boosting, anti-microbial, and regenerative properties help in preventing baldness, enhancing hair growth, and boosting scalp health. It also helps fight lice!!

Sesame oil aids in dandruff removal, smoothens, and revitalizes hair. It also protects hair from harmful UV rays.

Pure coconut oil acts as an effective conditioner. Promotes healthier, shinier, thicker, and longer hair.

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