The age of Immunity is here! For the first time in modern times, people are on the hunt for products which can boost their immunity and keep them healthy. In Ayurveda, immunity-boosting options are aplenty. Amrita Kayakalpa Rasayana tablets from Amrita drugs is an immunity booster made from the most highly rated ayurvedic herbs for immunity and topped with naturally occurring minerals.

It is available in easy to consume tablet form. It is highly effective in treating immune deficiency diseases like tuberculosis, deficiency in organ functions, diabetes, etc. It is one of the best formulations available to improve and rejuvenate the functioning of the immune system.



Amrita Kayakalpa Rasayana is prepared from a mixture of 20 different ayurvedic components. All of which are either renowned standalone immunity boosters or naturally occurring minerals that are vital for improving bodily functions and for enhanced health.

Makaradwaja, a major ingredient is a mixture prepared from many naturally occurring minerals. It nourishes the nervous system and improves nerve functions. It has powerful anti-aging properties and helps in restoring youthfulness. It also acts as an aphrodisiac and nourishes the Shukradhatu, thus is indicated in diseases related to the reproductive, excretory, and procreative systems. Makaradwaj is also useful in treating dyspepsia and is Cardio-protective and improves heart health. Sometimes it is also indicated as a digestive stimulant and promotes digestion and metabolism.

Another major ingredient is Yastimadhu. It is rich in antioxidants. It relieves acidity and gastritis. It is renowned for its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. It is also anti-inflammatory and anti-malarial in nature.

Ashwagandha is a saptadhatu nourisher that helps nourish all seven saptadhatus or tissues in the body. It is an aphrodisiac that helps restore vigor and youthfulness. It boosts testosterone, manages cortisol levels, helps manage blood sugar levels and is effective in anxiety and depression. Ashwagandha might also possess anti-cancer properties.


It also has purified powders from naturally occurring minerals like gold, copper, iron, pearl, zinc, tin and mica. It also contains other herbs like Asparagus, gokshura and Jayaphala amongst other immunity boosting herbs. A single tablet of Amrita Kayakalpa Rasayana has the properties of all of the following medicines making it a powerful immunity booster, nourisher and complete body rejuvenator.



Amrita Kayakalpa Rasayana is amongst the best complete body rejuvenators. It nourishes the body with almost all the necessary nutrients.

It is an ideal replacement for your nutrient supplements.

It promotes growth and development.

It is used as an adjuvant in treating auto-immune disorders.

It can help improve the effects of other specific action drugs.

It supplies vital micronutrients to the body and is also rich in antioxidants.

It can help improve immunity in case of HIV

Amrita Kayakalpa Rasayana tablets is also useful in treating other immunity deficient disorders like diabetes and tuberculosis



Normally it is recommended to consume one tablet two times a day after food

It is best to consult an ayurvedic physician to get your personalized doses with respect to your tridosas.



This formulation is a powerful combination of many naturally occurring minerals hence it is not advisable for patients with liver and kidney problems.

It is not recommended to pregnant women, lactating mothers and children.

This is a powerful formula and hence it is best to consume this product only under medical supervision of an ayurvedic doctor.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, use this product with caution.



No side effects are recorded for using this product in limited doses as advised by the physician.

An overdose of this product should be avoided and can be fatal.

If any complication is observed while consuming this medicine, immediately stop consumption and consult an ayurvedic physician.

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