Arthoven tablets

Arthoven tablets

Arthoven tablets from AVN formulations is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine designed to improve immune responses against microbial infections. It is widely recommended to relieve joint pains and also as a supportive care for arthritis. This ayurvedic medicine is prepared exclusively from ingredients recommended in the ancient ayurvedic texts and has zero added chemicals. Arthoven tablets are formulated by a mixture of exotic herbs like gudduchi, punarnava, bael, gokshura and guggulu. The combination of these herbs in this unique proportions help improve immune responses to diseases. It also relieves pain by treating the actual cause of pain in case of arthritis.


AVN formulations’ Arthoven tablets are loaded with herbs which have multiple medicinal benefits and can relieve a plethora of diseases. 

Gudduchi or Giloy is one of the primary ingredients in Arthoven tablets. It is a sapthadhathu nourisher i.e. it has the potential to nourish all tissues in the body. It is also an herb rated highly in ayurvedic circles for its ability to balance Tridosas. Giloy can help aggravations or pacifications in vata, pitta and kapha. It is also a powerful immunity booster. Giloy is recommended to treat many respiratory and gastrointestinal disorders.

Bael or Wood apple is another major ingredient in Arthoven tablets. It is loaded with vitamin B complex, vitamin C and A. It has a host of minerals and is enriched with plenty of proteins. It has a cooling effect on the body. Bael is a powerful detoxifier and anti-oxidant. It helps improve health by eliminating nutrient deficiency in the body. This helps relieve arthritis. It is also useful in fighting microbial, life-style and nutrient deficiency related diseases.

Gokshura or Nerinjil is the most recommended Siddha medicine for treatment of kidney related disorders. It is highly rated in siddha circles as a one stop cure to deficiencies in kidneys and urinary tracts. It is also useful in eliminating swelling and other ascites formations in the body. Gokshura is used in Arthoven tablets to help manage ascites which might occur due to arthritis. It is also a sapthadhathu nourisher and hence can be a potent immunity booster.

Punarnava is beneficial in eliminating symptoms like fever, pain and swelling in inflammatory response. It is very effective in treating muscle spasms. It improves urine output and thus helps eliminate ascites. It helps improve immune responses to diseases. It is also effective in gout, spondylitis and osteoarthritis. It helps balance vata and kapha. It promotes weight loss and is also beneficial in lowering blood sugar levels in diabetes. It also improves cardiac health. Punarnava nourishes the reproductive and excretory organs.

Guggulu extracted from maple trees is a powerful ayyurvedic medicine. It is effective in improving digestion, promoting weight loss and in treating inflammations.

These exotic ayurvedic herbal extracts are combined in a unique proportion to constitute Arthoven tablets. 




Rheumatoid Arthritis


Weight loss



These tablets are best to treat Rheumatoid arthritis.

Arthoven tablets are multi-purpose medicines. Powered by powerful herbs like gudduchi and punarnava, one of the primary uses of this medicine is to help improve immune response to microbial infections. 

It is a potential diuretic with ingredients like Gokshura.

It can also help in kidney disorders.

Like most other ayurvedic medicines, Arthoven tablets are also a complete body rejuvenator.

It is prescribed to relieve joint pains in arthritis and inflammation in joins.


It is normally recommended to consume one or two tablets two times a day.

This is a powerful action oriented medicine and hence it is highly recommended to consume this medicine after consultations with an ayurvedic physician.

The dosage of Arthoven tablets will also vary depending on the age, gender, prakriti and gunas of an individual. 


No adverse side effects are noticed on consuming this medicine.

It is prepared from herbal ingredients and totally free from toxic chemicals.


Gokshura is a primary ingredient in this medicine. People with liver disorders are advised to take this medicine only under strict medical supervision.

Arthoven tablets are generally safe for children. It is strictly advised to consult a doctor before administering this medicine to children below 13 years of age.

It is advisable for pregnant women and lactating mothers to consult their doctors before consuming this tablet.


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