fifty-nine immunity-boosting ayurvedic ingredients, to fight the invisible enemy!

ayurvedic ingredients

Introducing, AyurvedaOne Ayush Health Promotion Kit in a box! This government-approved Ayush Health Promotion Kit contains three Ayurvedic medicines. 1. Ayush Kwath Churna 2. Sudarshana Ghana Vati 3. Samshamani Vati.


Prepared with organic medicinal herbs, these Ayurvedic formulations enrich the body’s defence mechanism. Ayush Kwath Churna defends the body against bacteria and viruses. Sudarshana Ghana Vati fights contagious viral infections and Samshamani Vati protects the body against all forms of fevers.


Ayush Kwath churna is a combination of medicinal herbs commonly used in every Indian kitchen – basil leaves (tulsi), cinnamon bark (dalchini), Zingiber officinale (shunthi), and Krishna Maricha (Piper nigrum).


Sudarshana Ghana Vati is an antipyretic medicine that consists of 54 herbs. Samshamani Vati is an antipyretic, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory medicine that contains Guduchi.


Take all the three medicines together to boost your immunity. Since these medicines are composed of various herbal ingredients, they offer several health benefits to the body.


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