Ayurvedic Medicine for Lactation

ayurvedic medicine for lactation

Motherhood is not easy! And the difficulty in breastfeeding makes it a battle!

Everyone knows there is no substitute for mother’s milk. Breastfeeding is an infant’s privilege and a mother’s pleasure.

Ayurveda says lactation benefits both the mother as well as the child. It builds immunity, enriches their brain, enhances memory and helps the baby grow. Breastfeeding is also beneficial for the new mother. Of all the reasons, breastfeeding decreases the risk of cancer in both the mother and the baby. Hence, breastfeeding is one thing that cannot and should not be skipped!

But the sleepless nights, shivering fears, stress of motherhood and the gloomy thoughts pose a hindrance in breastfeeding. For many new mothers, breastfeeding does not happen as naturally as expected!

Here are the top 5 Ayurvedic herbal medicines that support lactation in new mothers.

Shatavari Kalpa – Brihatri

BRIHATRI ShatavariKalpa is an ayurvedicgalactagogue. It improves the production of breast milk in nursing mothers. It helps in the regulation of female hormones. Maintains the health of the female reproductive system. It also works well as an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune-booster. 

It is a blend of potential herbs like Shatavari, Ela and Sharkara. This Ayurvedic preparation is a boon for new nursing mothers. It helps in inadequate lactation, female infertility. It helps in lactation and improves immunity power.

Galacto Plus Granules – Nagarjuna

GalactoPlus Granules is an ayurvedic herbal medicine. It is very effective in enhancing breast milk production. It is a polyherbal medication which stimulates the production of breast milk. It gives the right amount of nutrition to their little ones.

It is a concoction of potent herbs like Shatavari, Jeevanti, Masha and Mudga. GalactoPlus Granules is safe and effective for nourishing mothers. It is widely indicated in enhancing inadequate breast milk production.

Leptaden – Alarsin

Leptaden is another effective ayurvedic formulation for breast milk production. It is clinically proven to have galactagogue effects. Leptaden is good in new mothers as well in mothers with less breast milk production.

It is very helpful for new mothers for good quality of breast milk. Mothers with less breast milk production use this to enhance the quantity of breast milk. Doctors use it in threatened abortions, habitual abortions and for a healthy pregnancy.

Satavarex Granules – Zandu

Satavarex Granules is a proprietary medicine made from Shatavari. Shatavari is very well known to have galactagogue properties. It also has immunoadjuvant and immunomodulatory properties.  Shatavari is an excellent galactagogue and improves lactation in new mothers. 

Satavarex Granules provides nourishment to new mothers. It helps them in restoring health and energy. It is indicated in new mothers for good lactation and those with poor lactating problems.

Shatari Granules – Sandu

Shatari Granules is another Ayurvedic medicine for lactating mothers. It helps in meeting the nutritional demand of both the mother and the child. This formula helps mothers support their production of breast milk.

This Ayurvedicnourisher promotes lactation. It acts as a nutritive tonic and nourishes the baby and new mother. It is also useful in treating acidity and burning micturition. It increases the mother’s appetite and improves the quality and quantity of breast milk.

Ayurveda in Breastfeeding

Ayurveda suggests a host of natural foods and herbs to enhance breast milk production. It also highlights the importance of a happy and stress-free state. A healthy diet and relaxed state help in the production of breast milk.

  • Almond milk is helpful for breastfeeding mothers. 
  • Ginger powder, cardamom, saffron also improves the quality and quantity of breast milk.
  • Fennel and fenugreek seeds help increase breast milk. 
  • Garlic is an effective herb for increasing the secretion of breast milk. 
  • The most important thing to remember is to hydrate!!! 


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