‘Gomutra’ or cow’s urine is a sign of spirituality and it holds significant value in all the religions. It has the power to heal the dreadful and ward off all the negativity. It Is rightly crowned as the most powerful antidote, germicide, enriched with nutrients.

The wise Indian old saints knew the panacea and wide-spectrum elixir with innumerable medical uses. It is a natural source of many minerals that the body craves for.

Benefits of Gomutra

  1. Gomutra is widely used for therapeutic purposes has a long history in Indian culture. Some of the esteemed benefits of this divine elixir are:
  2. Antimicrobial qualities
  3. The pure potion is replete with oodles of antimicrobial qualities. Ladened with urea, creatinine, aurum hydroxide, carbolic acid, phenols, calcium, and manganese gomutra its germicidal qualities.
  • An effective fungicide

Gomutra is very efficient in inhibiting the growth of several kinds of fungi. It is potent at keeping the pathogens at bay. It is blessed with amazing germicidal power to kill varieties of germs.

  • A great antiseptic

Gomutra has incredible antiseptic properties and is used for ages to heal all the wounds of the body. It’s a wondrous weapon to whip off the pain and the bruise.

  • Germicides

Gomutra is a mighty germicide that has the potential to cure a gamut of intestinal parasites which are the origin of a lot of health problems like dysentery, abdominal pain, and loss of nutrients in the body. Just a dose of cow urine is enough to kill slay all the disease-causing parasites.

  • An effective bioenhancer

Gomutra is the supreme bio-enhancer for various antimicrobial, antifungal and anticancer agents. The astounding components of Gomutra augment the capacity of any life-supporting agent.

  • Anticancer traits

Gomutra is a great antioxidant that can neutralize oxidative stress and scavenge off the harmful free radicals. These traits make Gomutra a potential anti-cancer potion. Though it may not be able to cure or treat cancer, it is efficient in preventing cancerous cells.

  • Stimulates the immune system

Indian history boasts of inventing the miraculous effects of Gomutra. It is known to increase resistance against diseases and boost the body’s natural defense mechanism. It is gifted to take care of even extremely dangerous chemicals.

  • Enhances the function of the liver

Gomutra is instrumental in boosting the functioning of the liver and several other organs of the body. It helps in purifying the blood and prevent many diseases related to the disorder of the liver and blood loaded with harmful materials.

  • Full dose of Minerals

Gomutra is inundated with many minerals including copper, gold, salts, etc. It fulfills any mineral deficiency in the body.


Other Benefits   

  • Gomutra is widely used in the treatment of leprosy, abdominal colic pain and bloating.
  • It is believed to keep off any negativity and create an aura of well being and great health.
  • Gomutra is commended for its purifying properties. It detoxifies the human body from inside out by flushing out all toxins thus keeping the body away from a multitude of health risks.
  • Gomutra is a natural and effective pesticide.
  • Gomutra controls the ill effects of stress and mental tension.
  • Gomutra is also helpful in the treatment of peptic ulcer, asthma, and certain liver ailments.

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