Benefits Of Using Brihatri Herbal Hair Oil

benefits of using brihatri herbal hair oil

Herbal hair oil benefits like that of Brihatri Herbal Hair Oil offers is immense. Provided your hair problems, this Ayurvedic hair oil mix carries its herbs deeper into your hair tissues and addresses each hair issue intrinsically.

Brihatri Herbal Hair Oil Ingredients and their Benefits

Brihatri hair oil is an Ayurvedic product, containing the exceptionally adored herbs for their capacity to promote luster, shininess, strength and overall health of the hair. The herbs in this product have hair nourishing and rejuvenation properties.


Bibhitaki or Terminalia bellerica has detoxification and rejuvenation properties, which is beneficial for hair loss by closely pacifying all three doshas in the body. Besides, it has antiviral and antibacterial strength to promote your overall immunity and digestive system. Therefore, it improves tissue nutrition in the body and purportedly contributes to hair care treatment.


Scientifically known as Eclipta alba, it is popularly known as the king of the hair. Bhringaraaj has a cooling property to promote hair growth and reinstates hair’s natural color. It cools the head and mind, and thereby promoting new hair growth from the follicles.


Considered one of the natural sources of antioxidants, Amalaki possesses a potent rejuvenating capacity for hair and bones. It is one of the best sources for herbal hair oil to reduce hair fall. It also has a cooling effect, therefore it gently detoxifies your system and encourages hair growth.

Besides three herbal components, Brihatri Herbal Hair Oil also contains the goodness of coconut, cow’s milk, neelini, datura and many more to fight other hair problems. This apothecary hair oil offers better hair maintenance by fighting hair problems including dandruff, split ends and dry and dull hair.

Use this Ayurvedic hair oil to stop hair fall by applying it onto your hair two-three times a week. Read Brihatri herbal hair oil reviews to know about its efficacy before you purchase it.

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