Bibo hot kadha mix for instant relief from cough and sore throat

Bibo hot kadha mix

Bibo hot kadha mix

In today’s fast-paced urban lifestyle, people yearn for certain delicacies that only our grandmothers could formulate. In India of the yesteryears, if anyone in the family got sick, the elderly women would instantly formulate a Kadha or Kashaya from ingredients in their kitchen. And more often than not, it would provide amazing results.

Bibo Hot Kadha Mix is one such grandmother formulation which is also made up of ingredients rated highly in the ancient ayurvedic texts. This mixture is made up of 15 pure herbal extracts with high efficacy and direct specific action for providing relief from cold, cough, throat pain and nasal congestion.

Bibo Hot Kadha can relieve throat pain in just 60 seconds and additionally provides instant relief from cold, nose blocks and cough. It also boosts immunity against all kinds of respiratory diseases. It has a refreshing menthol taste which makes it a more enjoyable drink.




Bibo Hot Kadha has an instant positive impact for throat pain. It provides relief from throat pains and discomforts in just 60 seconds.

This Kadha is indicated for all kinds of respiratory diseases.

It is filled with ayurvedic herbs, all of which have high immune-modulatory, anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties.

It triggers immune responses against all kinds of respiratory diseases and disease-causing agents.

It provides almost instant relief from common cold

If you are coughing your heart out, all it takes is a few sips of hot Kadha freshly prepared from Bibo Hot Kadha Mix for immediate relief.

Nasal congestion or nose blocks can cause breathing discomfort. This Kadha helps release the mucus build-up in the nose and thus relieves Nasal congestion.



This Kadha mixture is made up of fifteen ayurvedic ingredients and spices. Some of them are Tulsi, Ginger, Pudhina etc.

Tulsi is a very powerful immunity booster. Studies have shown it has high efficacy in stimulating the cytokines and lymphocytes to act against invading pathogens. Thus it has strong immune-modulatory functions. It is traditionally used to treat cold, cough, and sore throat. Tulsi is also renowned for beneficiary effects on respiratory health. It is also rich in antioxidants and a plethora of vitamins and minerals.


Ginger is also rich in anti-oxidants like Tulsi. It is also effective in relieving cold, cough and sore throat. It also has strong pain-relieving and anti-arthritis properties. Ginger can improve heart health. It eases muscle pains and might even prevent nausea and tumor formations. It also helps improve digestion and metabolism.


Bhumiamalaki is a powerful herb that detoxifies the liver and improves its functioning. It also has a nourishing effect on the body due to its anti-oxidative properties.


Pudhina is used in Ayurveda to treat Asthma. It also helps improve metabolism and digestion. It also treats common cold and treats weight loss.


The above-mentioned ingredients with 11 other herbs make Bibo Hot Kadha Mix a really effective medicine for respiratory health and sore throat.



This is an easy to use formula. All you have to do is mix a 5g sachet of Bibo Hot Kadha Mix in a glass of (100ml) hot water or milk, stir well and drink.

It is best to consume it hot for maximum benefits. For children, it shall be served lukewarm.


It is best to consume 100 ml of the hot kadha prepared from Bibo Hot Kadha Mix four times a day for relief from illness.

For immunity, it is recommended to have it two times a day.



This is a pure herbal formula almost entirely lifted from the kitchen pharmacy and hence is completely devoid of side effects.

It can be consumed multiple times a day for a long time without any negative consequences.

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