Handcuff for dandruff

Double, double toil and trouble,

When comes Dandruff and hair fall struggle.

A scalp that itches,

In every inch,

And falls the dead skin:

Like men did after the first sin!

Hither and thither,

All the way they scatter.

But scatter they alone not,

Hair they take a lot.

No remedy or magic works,

To stop these filthy dorks!

But don’t you fear,

As the solution’s here:

Oil named DANDRALL,

Will now cure all

The toil and trouble,

Of which you mumble!

So, take this advice

And use this device!

As it leaves no scurf behind,

The best solution you might find!

​Dandrall available across all AyurCentral stores and on https://linkshowcase2.com or https://bit.ly/2XEc6Wi or call/whatsapp 7349744446

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