Cephagraine tablets from charak pharma: ayurvedic medicine for relief from sinus headache and migraine

cephagraine tablets

Cephagraine tablets from Charak Pharma are an ayurvedic proprietary medicine designed to treat migraine and sinusitis.

Sinusitis and migraine have already exploded across the globe and is like a pandemic in our cities. Both these disorders are caused by Kapha aggravations and are easily treatable with ayurvedic medications. The allopathic medications used to treat these conditions are largely antihistamine drugs, antibiotics, cough syrups, and anti-inflammatory medications. While allopathic medicines might help relieve the symptoms, ayurvedic medicines help treat the root cause of the disease and provide wholesomely and complement nourishment apart from boosting overall immunity and health.

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This is why it is best to treat acute and chronic sinusitis as well as migraines with ayurvedic medications. Cephagraine tablets from Charak Pharma are the best in class ayurvedic proprietary medicine to treat sinusitis. Cephagraine soothes the dilated blood vessels in the nose, head and brain which helps prevent migraine.

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Cephagraine tablets from Charak Pharma are a herbo-mineral formula. It is loaded with the benefits of immunity-boosting herbs like bringharaja, dry ginger extracts and tulasi. These ingredients are renowned in ayurvedic circles for their efficacy in treating respiratory illness and in eliminating the symptoms of sinusitis and migraine. This medicine also contains a powerful ayurvedic churna called Sitopaladi Churna. This is highly effective in treating cough, common cold, and sore throat. It can also be used in children.

Nishottara is another powerful herb used in the preparation of this tablet. It is highly effective in treating disease which occurs due to kapha and pitta disorders. This makes it a potent medicine in treating digestive and respiratory diseases. This ayurvedic elixir also contains other powerful ayurvedic herbal ingredients like piper longum roots, ajmoda and dhatura. 

Cephagraine capsules also contain naturally occurring sodium carbonate. The combination of these herbal and naturally occurring mineral extracts with zero added artificial chemicals constitute this medicine.


The primary indication of this ayurvedic medicine is to treat the root cause and symptoms of sinusitis.

Charak Pharma’s Cephagraine helps reduce nasal congestion and can effectively relieve nasal blockage.

From the name, Cephagraine is not difficult to guess this medicine is designed to relieve migraine. It is effective in preventing and relieving recurring migraine.

Relieves nausea, irritation and anxiety which occur due to recurring migraine

Cephagraine powered by ingredients like ginger and tulasi help reduce mucus build up in the chest and respiratory tract.

These ayurvedic tablets have a soothing action on internal inflammations.

Powered by powerful anti-microbial herbs, this medicine is also a powerful anti –microbial.

It is highly effective in treating common cold.

Cephagraine tablets from Charak Pharma can relieve cough and sore throat associated with it thanks to the presence of ingredients like Sitopaladi Churna and piper longum roots.


It is normally recommended to consume two tablets at a time two times a day with warm water.

The dosage can vary according to one’s immunity, tridosa karmas, physical condition, mental state and spiritual orientations. It is advisable to consult an ayurvedic physician to know your personal dose.

It is normally recommended to consume this medicine for a period of two to three months for complete relief from sinusitis and migraine.


Pregnant women, lactating mothers, and other vulnerable groups are advised to consume this medicine only after consulting an ayurvedic physician. It is best to avoid this medicine during pregnancy and lactation.

People with kidney disorders are advised to consult an ayurvedic physician before consuming this medicine because it contains naturally occurring mineral salts like sodium carbonate.

Cephagraine can react with allopathic medicines. Hence, if consuming along with allopathic medicines, it is advised to consume the allopathic medicine first and then consume this medicine after at least 30 minutes.


No side effects are reported for consuming this medicine in prescribed doses.

However, an overdose of this medicine can cause gastritis in some people

On rare occasions, people also report heart burns after on overdosing this medicine for a period of time.


This medicine is recommended for children above 8 or 9 years old in subsidized doses.

It should be administered to children only at the prescription of an ayurvedic physician.


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