Dia shaman

Dia shaman

The number of diabetes cases around the world is increasing at an alarming rate. Many experts have opined that the real pandemic is diabetes and not covid-19. In some estimates India alone is likely to be home for more than three crore people with type 2 diabetes variant alone by 2030. The side effects for consuming allopathic medicines for a long term to manage diabetes have caused adverse side effects in many people. It has even resulted in malfunctioning of kidneys in some cases. 

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There has always been a demand for a natural and purely herbal medicine to help manage diabetes. The few available options haven’t managed to provide an alternative to allopathic medications for diabetes. Dia Shaman is more likely to take over that space with its purely herbal ingredients lifted straight out ancient ayurvedic texts. It is completely free from toxic chemicals and unhealthy substances. 

Dia Shaman is a herbal medicine prepared from a mixture of six unique ayurvedic herbs which are highly rated in many ancient ayurvedic texts for their beneficial effects on madhumeha or diabetes. Some of the ingredients in Dia Shaman are unique and it is a one of its kind medicine. It is a boon for diabetic patients who are looking for more natural and herbal medicines to manage their condition.


Dia Shaman is a unique offering from Suman laboratories prepared in a hygienic, best in class environment with hand-picked herbs of highest quality. 

Areca Catechu or Betel Nut Palm is the primary ingredient in Dia Shaman syrup. It is nut which is not widely employed in medicines. However has been traditionally used as a Central Nervous System stimulator and a digestion booster. Recent studies on the efficacy of the extracts from this plant for reducing blood sugar levels in the body have shown positive results. Suman Laboratories’ desire to take this wonder nut to the masses is resulted in Dia Shaman, An herbal and holistic medicine for diabetes.

Areca Catechu is only one of the ingredients in Dia Shaman. Nimbu or Lemon, a common fruit loaded with vitamins and minerals is also a major ingredient in this elixir. This fruit has plenty of anti-oxidants and is amongst the best food to help improve one’s immunity to diseases. It is rich in vitamin C, A and vitamin B6. Lemon is one of the few fruits even allopathic doctors recommend for diabetic patients. In ayurvedic terms, Lemon has sour and pungent tastes and helps balance sweet. Diabetes occurs because of excess sweet and Lemon might help balance it. It is also a powerful ama nashini i.e. Lemon helps eliminate the undigested food residue in the body, this helps prevent a plethora of other diseases apart from reducing blood sugars.

Jambu fruit or Jamun also known as Navapazham is another major ingredient in Dia Shaman, It is widely recommended by Siddha and Ayurveda practitioners as a diabetic management fruit. Extracts from its seeds are also useful for managing diabetes.  The power of Dia Shaman to manage diabetes might be coming more from the presence of Jamun extracts than from Areca Catechu. It is such a powerful anti-diabetic fruit. It is a seasonal fruit and is very difficult to store for the off season, Dia Shaman allows us to get the benefits of Jamun even during the offseason by making it a major ingredient in this herbal tonic.

Neem is another crucial ingredient in Dia Shaman herbal syrup. It has a powerful bitter taste and is also amongst the major herbs recommended in the treatment of diabetics. It is also a powerful immunity booster and helps keep many diseases at bay. It has strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Bermuda grass is another herbs used in naturopathy and other herbal systems for treating diabetes. It is a blood purifier and also helps manage urinary tract infections. It helps keep skin infections which occur due to diabetes at bay.

Nagavalli or Piper Betle is another bitter tasting anti-diabetic herb in this herbal tonic. The combination of these exotic herbal and plant based products with no added chemicals is what Dia Shaman syrup composed of. 


The ingredients for Dia Shaman are chosen in such a way that one herb helps keep blood sugar levels low. Another prevents the complications which occur in other parts of the body due to diabetes. Another helps keep skin infections due to diabetes at bay and so on. This herbal tonic is designed to be a complete diabetic care system locked in a single bottle.


It is normally recommended to consume 15-30 ml of this syrup at a time 2 times a day.

This herbal medicine can be consumed alongside allopathic medicines with a milder dosage and a 30 minute interval in between.

Diabetes is a complicated disease. Hence it is advised to consult an ayurvedic doctor and not self-administer medicines.

Keep a regular tab on blood sugar once you start consuming this medicine because it might bring down sugar levels drastically especially if consumed with allopathic diabetic medications.

No adverse side effects are reported so far for this product.

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