Doctor Consultation @99

Consultation @99

You have heard of great offers all over the internet, but what about when you need to get treated for an urgent health issue? Visit a doctor, right? Visiting an Ayurvedic doctor is going to be your first choice now. Interested to learn more? Keep reading. 

Ayurcentral is a wellness brand with 60+ outlets in all of Karnataka. We pride ourselves in being a brand trusted by Bangaloreans. Our pharmacy cum clinic model facilitates our goal of ensuring Ayurveda reaches every neighbourhood in India (Read more about us here, Click.). When healthcare is becoming increasingly expensive, we put our heads together to serve you in the most affordable  manner possible. Wellness Weekend was born this way. Every Saturday, get treated for 125+ ailments for Rs. 99 by our expert doctors in Ayurcentral clinics. Find the state of your physical and mental health, get detailed reports of your immunity as a family with a single consultation. 

Ayurvedic science is our traditional way of healing. As we move towards a digital landscape, there is an increasing demand for traditional medicine and it’s many advantages. The main point in favour of Ayurveda is the ancient sustainable advancement we have had in the field of medicine. We are non-invasive and are prone to addressing the root cause by examining symptoms and deriving a prognosis. Wellness Weekend covers over 125+ ailments, starting from common cold/ fever to pain in any of parts of the body, building child immunity and allergy issues. A detailed list of the ailments addressed in Ayurcentral clinics during Wellness Weekend is given below. 

Skin care (Acne/ pimples, Urticaria, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczema)

When we are extremely careful of what we consume internally, we don’t give as much importance to what we put on our skin. Such diseases can often be a result of  lack of ensuring skin health. Visit Ayurcentral for natural, organic skincare solutions just @99. 

Hair care (Hair fall, Dandruff, Premature greying of hair, Alopecia)

Traditionally, Indians have high value for hair. Not just aesthetic beauty, but it adds a lot of character to the person. We use several Ayurvedic herbs to take care of our hair, naturally. With the current lifestyle, the luscious hair of Indians are getting damaged beyond reason, and getting Ayurvedic help will be of great use. 

Building immunity in Children, Recurring allergies, Cold, Cough, Seasonal viral infections, Intellectual and memory building, Weight gain and Weight Loss 

A lot of these issues are a result of our modern lifestyle. Getting ahead of these diseases, taking the right precautions is a necessity. Consult our doctors for therapeutic massages, personalised diet, exercise programs, rigorous detoxification and lifestyle transforming experiences.

Joint care/ Pain management (Knee pain management, Low back pain management , Frozen shoulder management, Cervical spondylosis, Sciatica)

Pain in different areas of the body is a sign of age and/or any incidents. Ayurvedic treatments for pain ensure complete relief after treatment. Visiting Ayurcentral during Wellness Weekend and consulting a doctor is highly recommended for an effective solution.


Visit Ayurcentral for consultations @ just Rs. 99 on Wellness Weekend! 

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    There are about 60 Ayurcentral locations throughout the state of Karnataka. We take great delight in being a name Bangaloreans can trust.

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