Eyewash cup for ayurvedic eye cleansing to improve vision and soothe the eye muscles

In Ayurveda, a lot of importance was given to hygiene. The ancient ayurvedic sages devised techniques to keep all parts of the body healthy. Regular washing of eyes was recommended alongside specific eye exercises to help keep our eyes healthy. Nettie Eye Wash cup is an offering that will make your eye wash easy and effective.

Nettie Eye Wash cup consists of two small cups made of materials that are friendly to the skin and eyes.

All you have to do is fill two Nettie Eye Wash cups with rosewater or any other eyewash liquid and place them on your eyes. This eye cleansing can also be done with normal water.

Open your eyes and allow the liquid or water to touch your eyelids and enjoy the cleansing process. Hold it for at least five minutes for the best results.

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If you are wondering how washing your eyes with Nettie Eye Wash cup will be more beneficial than washing your eyes off running tap water, read on to find out.

When you wash your eyes normally in tap water or by other means your focus is only on cleaning the eyes.

The water is normally splashed on the eyes (almost all of us can only splash water, it is not recommended to touch your eyes with your hands) and that washes off any dust particles that settle in the eyes.

The cooling effect of water will stay for a few seconds, that too only if you choose not to wipe off your face with a towel. Most of us immediately wipe our face with a towel and do not allow moisture to stay on our face.

Doing this five to six times a day is a very good hygienic practice and can help keep the eyes fresh, especially if it is exposed to the pollution of our cities.

Washing our eyes with Nettie Eye Wash Cup is normal eye wash plus added benefits. A Nettie Eye Wash Cup eye cleansing will also help remove the dust particles like in your normal eye wash (It will do it better). This cup-assisted cleansing goes a step further and soothes the eye muscles.

It is especially useful for people who are exposed to computers and mobile phones for a long period of time. The inflammations and stress on the nerves and muscles in the eyes which occur due to exposure to screen time is relaxed by this practice. This relaxation provided to the eyes by this process also helps improve vision.

Regular practice of this exercise with Nettie Eye Wash Cup can help prevent all kinds of vision related problems.

The eye is one of the most vital organs which make our life beautiful. Click here to know the 10 essential nutrients for healthy eyes.

How would you know what and who is beautiful if not for your eyes? It is also one of the most ignored organs in modern lifestyle. If you are reading this thank your eyes. Ayurveda recommends techniques to keep your eyes healthy. The first and foremost in this is to practice this eye rejuvenating technique.

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Nettie Eyewash cup package consists of two eyecups that can be used to clean the eyes and carry pouch for keeping them dust-free.

It also contains a pamphlet that contains step-by-step information on certain yogic eye exercises which can be done alongside this eyewash for enhanced eye health. 

HOW TO USE Eyewash cup 

  • Sit in a cross-legged comfortable position or on a chair with the spine upright.
  • Fill the cup with an eyewash liquid or water and hold them in your two hands are shoulder level with enough gap as gap between your eyes.
  • Then lower your head and ensure both cups fit in your eyelids almost perfectly. Open your eyes and feel the liquid touching your eyes.
  • Slowly lift your head with the eyecups attached and position yourself with a slight upturn face. Balance your eye cups with your hands.
  • Maintain this position for 5 to 10 minutes. Open and close your eyes with enough intervals to allow the liquid or water to thoroughly cleanse your eyes.
  • Once you are thoroughly satisfied lower your head, release and relax.

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