Brihatri Moisturizing Lotion For Baby Skin

Did you know that baby’s skin loses moisture two times faster than yours?

A baby’s skin is thin , delicate and it’s still to develop the moisture locking follicles because of which their skin tends to dry out faster and quicker. Also because of their high sensitivity and tenderness of the skin it is highly recommended to use only natural and proven products on their skin. As even a trace of chemicals can result in irritation and wreak havoc with rashes and bruises all around.

Brihatri Moisturizing Lotion is a natural and chemical free product from the AyurCentral gallery that is 100% safe and genuine to be applied on the soft gentle skin of a baby. It locks the moisture in the skin and nourishes it with the abundance of vitamins and essential nutrients that keeps your baby happy and healthy. Because of the mild antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, Brihatri moisturizing lotion also works well in healing small wounds, irritation, rashes and itching.

Here are a few more tips into caring for your baby’s skin

Give your baby the joy of an Ayurvedic massage with Abhyanjana taila ( New bhuvanendra pharmacy). A deep  Ayurvedic massage not only nourishes the skin but also helps the baby build its immune system, relieve colic pain and get good sleep.

Baby’s skin is three times thinner than adult skin and hence everything used on your child’s skin should be checked and tested very carefully.

A baby’s bum may easily get rashes because of the constant dampness from clearing and cleansing. Moisturize the area well every time you give your baby a wash.

Baby’s skin is ten times more sensitive than adult skin. So, apart from checking the products well and using regular moisturizer, it is important to keep the baby away from sun tan and dust as it might cause permanent damage.

Baby’s skin may easily get dry and dull. Dry skin may become itchy and your baby may be too small to itch ,which might make him irritated. Keep an eye on the skin for a happy healthy baby

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