Gandha Thailam is basically sesame oil-enriched with the goodness of more than 30 herbs and with licorice and milk. It is an important formulation for strengthening the bones, hairs, muscles and other asthidhatu related parts as explained in the ancient ayurvedic text -Asthanga Hridhyam.


Gandha Thailam is the best oral medicine to cure arthritis, joint pains and other bone or muscle pains. Treating joint pains exclusive with oils and pastes is a hectic process. It will require long hours of massaging multiple times a day. Though massage oils are still necessary, complementing them with oral intake of Gandha Thailam will hasten your healing process. It will also help you reduce the number of times and hours spent on oil applications for relief.



It helps improve bone mass and thus provides strength

It is useful in the treatment of arthritis, osteoporosis and osteopenia

It helps in healing joint dislocations

It is also administered in the treatment of ligament injuries

It is used as an adjunct to hasten recovery from fracture.

It is effective in spine-related issues including slipped disk, lumbar and cervical spondylitis etc.

It is given to increase muscle and bone strength after recovery from microbial diseases like typhoid

It can be used as an oral adjuvant to help recover from an accident or sports injuries

It is also indicated for Crushed bone injuries, Bursitis, Sacrolitis, Sciatica, and other disorders

It can help improve hair health.

It is also effective in relieving problems in the teeth. This oil can also be used for Oil pulling.




None of us can escape the changes that come with time. Old age and weakening of the body muscles are inevitable. Joint pains and body pains also creep up with age. We cannot prevent aging but we sure can help prevent the discomforts that arise out of it. Few drops of herbal charged Gandha Thailam a couple of time a day before meals is the best way to relieve from all kinds of joint pains.



Gandha Thailam acts primarily on the Asthi dhatu. Asthi dhatu is the bone tissue. Bones constitute the basic structure and skeleton on which the body is constructed and upheld. It provides shape and support to the body as a whole. Asthidhatu is also inclusive of the nails, all hairs and teeth.


A deficiency in Asthidhatu can cause Osteopenia, Osteoporosis, degradation of the bone, pain and roughness in bones and joints, loss of sensation, hair loss from body and beard, dryness and wreckage of teeth and nails and looseness in the joints. Regular intake of Gandha Thailam can prevent all these symptoms and also treat them. It provides holistic nourishment to the Asthi dhatu and strengthens all its components



According to Ayurveda, any drug that nourishes Asthidhatu should also nourish Rasa dhatu(plasma), Rakta dhatu(blood), Mansa dhatu(muscles) and Meda dhatu (adipose or fat tissues. Hence Gandha Thailam is also very effective in treating deficiencies in plasma, blood, muscles and fat tissues. It can relieve muscle pains and sprains, cure sports and accident related injuries and much more.



Gandha Thailam functions as an all-round healer, especially in healing physical damages in the muscles and bones. It helps the muscles and bones heal. It helps tears and sprains to repair. The phyto-nutrients of the herbs diffused in the oil quickly get absorbed in the system after intake because of the sesame oil and its heating potency. As a result of this the nutrients quickly charge the body and power the recovery or healing process.



Gandha Thailam is available as Oil and as a Capsule.

5-10 drops of the oil two times a day 15 minutes before meals are the normal recommendation for preventive measures.

In Capsule form, have one or two capsules two times a day before meals.

For specific doses for other injuries, please consult an Ayurvedic doctor.



There are no side effects reported for this product when consumed in limited doses or under medical supervision.

It is recommended for pregnant women only if she has used this product without any allergic reaction prior to pregnancy.

It is safe for breastfeeding mothers and children. However, Consult an Ayurveda doctor to know your personalized dosage and tolerance.


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