Grab capsules

Grab capsules

Grab Capsules are marketed as an anti-biotic Ayurvedic capsule by Green Remedies. It is prepared exclusively from Ayurvedic kashayas, jams and herbs with zero added chemicals. It acts as an anti-biotic to help prevent wounds from decay. Grab capsules are also useful in a variety of microbial infections and to relieve a plethora of respiratory diseases. Though there are a lot of anti-biotic medicines in Ayurveda, Grab Capsules are one of rare ayurvedic tablets whose primary action is identified as anti-biotic. It is made with zero processed chemicals and hence can be a good alternative to fans of Ayurveda who are forced to look else when they are out looking for anti-biotics. These capsules are also recommended for improved skin health. 

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Grab Capsules are prepared by a combination of a few highly rated Ayurvedic medicines. They are a derived Ayurvedic product prepared by a combination of existing Ayurvedic products for enhanced benefits.

One of the primary ingredients of Grab Capsules is Arogyavardhini Vaati. This is an ayurvedic tablet prepared from 11 herbs and naturally occurring minerals including neem, guggulu, triphala, iron, mica, copper and shilajit amongst others. This vati is primarily used to treat liver disorders and skin diseases. It is a powerful cell regeneration tablet. 

Guduchi or Tinospora Cordifolia  is another powerful saptadhatu nourisher and an integral part of this preparation. It is one of the best immunity boosters and is also amongst the leading ingredients in many ayurvedic medicines recommended for treating coronavirus disease. Guduchi is also known for its anti-microbial properties. This is also a major component of Grab Capsules.

Triphala which is a combination of three individual Tridosa balancing fruits namely Bhibitaki, Haritaki and Amalaki is also a regular in most cell regeneration and overall immunity boosting ayurvedic medicines. Triphala also possess anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Amalaki or the Indian Gooseberry is one of the few fruits which contain all 6 different tastes. Instead of an apple a day, many in India will go by the saying an Amla a day keeps diseases and the need of a doctor away.

 The other major ingredients in Grab capsules are Vranapahari Rasa and Gandhaka Rasa. Both these decoctions are prepared exclusively from herbal extracts and naturally occurring minerals. They are renowned for their anti-microbial properties.

Manjistha extracts are the base material for Grab tablets. This plant is found in abundance in India and is highly rated for its blood purifying properties in Ayurveda. Manjistha is also recommended for skin infections and to relieve cell decay.

The combination of these powerful ayurvedic ingredients makes Grab Capsules a powerful anti-biotic on par with the allopathic counterparts. It is also effective in relieving respiratory illness and skin infections.


It is a natural and herbal anti-biotic

It has strong anti-inflammatory properties

It is recommended for Respiratory disorders

It is useful in skin infections

Garb tablets are recommended to help hasten recovery from wounds.

It has detoxifying and regenerative properties.

It is useful in preventing itching and also helps reduce foul smell.


It is normally recommended to consume one capsule at a twice a day. The dosage varies according to the illness. It is best to consult an ayurvedic physician before consuming this medicine.

This is a medicine which has a specific action, hence avoid self-prescription. 

Vulnerable groups like pregnant ladies, people with comorbidities, liver disorders and other serious illnesses are advised to consume this medicine only after discussing their pre-existing conditions with a doctor.


No adverse side effects are observed for consuming this product. 

Being a drug which has a specific action it is important to not overdose this medicine.

An overdose can lead to complications. If any discomfort is noticed, stop consumption and consult an ayurvedic doctor.


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