Irimedadi Taila Composition, Benefits, Indications & Side Effects

Ayurveda is the holistic science of treating diseases and ayurvedic drugs are used since ancient times to cure all ail. Special mention about oral care is traced in the Vedic scripts. Irimedadi Taila is a blessing of Ayurveda that helps in curing all dental problems.

Irimedadi Taila is polyherbal ayurvedic oil prepared with potent herbs that bestows significant astringent, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to the decoction. This herbal oil is widely used for a famous procedure called oil pulling or gargling. It is very effective in treating swollen or bleeding gums.


Irimedadi Taila is a blend of many mystic herbs like Gayatri, Manjishtha, Til oil, Clove, Arimaedah and many more that lends its medicinal properties useful in the treatment of dental pain and swelling. These ingredients are very effective in reducing plaque accumulation and gingival inflammation.



Irimedadi Taila is extremely useful in the treatment of all types of dental issues including pain, hypersensitivity, vitiated gum tissue, black teeth, caries, pyorrhea, gingivitis and hyperemia of gums. It provides fast and long-term relief from toothache, swelling of gums, bleeding gums and pain from wisdom tooth. This marvellous formulation is also indicated in:

  • Infections and inflammations of oral mucosa
  • Dental Sensitivity
  • Bleeding and / or Spongy Gums
  • Pyorrhoea
  • Toothache
  • Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Research on Irimedadi taila

Ayurvedic drugs are used since time immemorial to address oral issues like bleeding, inflammation and periodontal diseases. In the past few decades, Ayurveda has garnered its due reorganization which raised many questions regarding the scientific evidence of efficacy and safety of such drugs. Many researches are conducted to establish the use of Irimedadi taila for oral care.

Efficacy of Irimedadi taila on reduction of plaque induced gingivitis 

A study on the use of Irimedadi taila proved its effectiveness in the reduction of plaque and bleeding. Significant reduction in Gingival index and Gingival bleeding index scores were reported in the clinical examination of patients. The study concluded that Irimedadi taila can be used effectively in enhancing gingival health and no adverse effects were reported during the course of this study.

Irimedadi taila for Hypersensitivity

Hypersensitivity of teeth is one of the leading dental diseases. Hypersensitivity of teeth has been studied for several years and it is reported as a painful condition that originates when the thickness of the enamel or cement is significantly reduced. Irimedadi taila is found to be very effective in hypersensitivity.

Research on patient’s response to Irimedadi taila

The benefits of Irimedadi taila for dental issues are beyond doubts; however the bitter taste of the concoction poses a problem towards the compliance in long-term usage. Thus, the possibility of adding some flavouring or sweetening agents without compromising on the chemical properties of the ingredients is under study.

Direction for use:

Take 1 tablespoon oil (15 ml) in the mouth and swish the oil around without swallowing it.

Move the oil around in mouth and through the teeth like a mouthwash but do not gargle or take in throat.

It is best done in morning on empty stomach.

Spit out the oil and rinse the mouth with warm water.

Side Effects and contradictions

Irimedadi taila is a safe treatment option for dental diseases. However, it should be used only for rinsing and swishing and oral intake is discouraged.

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