Japani capsules for improved sexual life and libido

Japani Capsules are a life saver for people who suffer from a lack of libido. If you are amongst the unfortunate ones who have lost your sex drive or are no longer attracted to your partner Japani Capsules are your go-to option. This is a 100% safe formula made from herbs mentioned in the ancient ayurvedic texts. Hence they help to instantly boost your mood and improve libido without giving you any long term side effects like other chemical capsules.


Japani Capsules from Chathurbhuj comes in two variants. Japani M Capsules are specifically designed for men while Japani F Capsules are specifically designed for women. This gender customized formula makes this an extremely potent drug with specific action thus improving your private lives instantly. So forget your stress and grab your version of the drug to improve your private lives without worrying about side effects.


Japani M Capsules is a formula designed to improve virility in men. It instantly improves mood and stimulates powerful urges. It is also effective in decreasing problems in sex lives like premature ejaculation, poor erection etc. This herbal formula improves erection quality and helps to last longer. Regular use helps improve performance in bed over a period of time.

It is made up of natural ingredients that are rated highly in Ayurveda to improve sexual and reproductive health. Almost every major male-specific formula and general shukradhatu enhancers in Ayurveda are included in the composition of this capsule.

The ingredients include Shilajit extracts, Makaradhwaja, Kaunch Bheej, Akarakara, Shatavari, Vanga Bhasma, Vidari Kanta, Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Swarna Bhasma, Sindhoora and Manmathabra amongst other ayurvedic treatises. It is interesting to note that ingredients like Makaradhwaja is a complex formula in itself and have a host of benefits for the entire body and functions. The inclusion of such ingredients is why this capsule is absolutely safe and also helps improve overall health.



Japani M Capsules help improve mood. It improves virility and vitality in men

It corrects poor erection and erectile dysfunction. It also helps to make you last longer in bed.

Over a period of time, on regular use, it helps improve performance in bed.

It improves problems like premature ejaculation.

It helps to provide strength and stamina in bed

It is specifically designed to improve male libido and makes you feel more attracted to your partner



It is generally advised to consume two capsules a day with milk and water. It is highly recommended to consult an ayurvedic physician before consuming this product.



This is a medicine with a specific action and others are advised to not consume it. It can cause fatal consequences if casually consumed without purpose or need.



Japani F Capsules are a formula specifically designed to improve female libido. If you are a woman and no longer feel attracted to your partner or you no longer are interested in sex life despite an urge to help your partner this medicine might be the one for you. Japani F capsules help improve sexual debility in women, it enhances libido and also helps improve performance in bed. It is a go-to medicine to improve your sex life.

It is a 100% ayurvedic formula designed from almost all major ayurvedic ingredients with a specific action to improve female sexual health and also some general shukradhatu enhancers. The composition of Japani F Capsules include Ashoka, Pushpadhwana extracts, Amalaki Rasayana, Shilajit extracts, Kaunch Beej, Saffron, Akarakara, Gokshura, and Ashwagandha amongst others. The presence of Saptadhatu nourishers like Amalaki Rasayana means that this capsule will in a small way nourish the entire body and thus prevent side effects.



It helps improve Female libido and sexual drive.

It improves energy levels in the body.

These capsules help boost sex hormones without causing any misbalances in the body

It helps improve pleasure experiences in bed for women

It improves orgasm and resolves other problems in women’s sexual health.



It is normally recommended to consume 2 tablets a day with milk

It is highly recommended to consult an ayurvedic physician before consuming this product.



No Side effects are noticed for both versions of this medicine in recommended doses.

However, it is recommended not to overdose on this product. An overdose or overuse can cause fatal side effects.

If any discomfort is noticed stop consuming and consult an ayurvedic doctor

Consume this medicine for a maximum period of one month in a row. Then take a break of at least 15 to 20 days before restarting dosage if need be.

Keep out of the reach of children.

This is a specific action drug and is not recommended for others.

If you have any chronic condition, consult a doctor before consuming this product.

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