Kalyanaka ghrita

Kalyanaka ghrita

Kalyanaka Gritha is a medicated ghee with multiple health benefits. This medicine is prepared by dissolving the medicinal benefits of dozens of herbal extracts. Kalyanaka Ghrita is prepared by heating a paste made of powdered herbal ingredients and water along with ghee extracted from Indian Cow’s milk. Click here to read more about the benefits of Ghee prepared from Indian Cow’s milk. Consumption of medicated ghee is encouraged by ayurvedic physicians because according to Ayurveda, ghee is the most effective Anupana or adjuvant. Ghee is believed to be the best carrier of medicinal benefits of the other ingredients. Ghee nourishes all the tissues and organs in the body and its nutrients also easily diffuse into the organs. As a result, ancient ayurvedic seers believed medicating ghee with herbal extracts is the best way to imbibe the medicinal benefits of the herbs. Thus the practice of infusing herbal extracts in ghee began. Over a period of time, many techniques were developed to improve the efficacy of infusion. The herbs chosen to be infused depended on the disorder it was addressing. Kalyanaka Ghrita, unlike basic medicated ghee, is a powerful multi-faceted formulation.

Kalyanaka Ghrita is used traditionally to improve brain functions like memory and intelligence and also to enhance cognition. It has also been at times recommended for respiratory diseases. This ghee is powered by an ocean of herbal extracts including amla, turmeric, tree turmeric, and myrobalan which makes it a powerful and potent immunity booster. This medicine is also recommended for improving fertility in both men and women. Thus with such varying uses and high efficacy in all its applications, Kalyanka Gritha is amongst the best overall health improving medicine in Ayurveda. 


Kalyanaka Ghrita is generally recommended for consumption before food. It is advisable to consume one or two tablespoons of this medicated ghee one or two times a day for improving overall health.

For disease-specific dosage, it is advisable to consult an ayurvedic physician.


In this blog, we will look at some of the applications of Kalyanaka Gritha.


Kalyanaka Ghrita has the potential to help in compulsive disorders like OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). OCD is caused by chemical, structural and functional abnormalities in the brain. This disease is largely believed to be inherited but compulsive behavior can also be picked up over a course of time. When something be it a thought or action becomes repetitive and habitual, it can evolve into a compulsion. This happens because of a lack of nutrition in the brain. Kalyanka Ghrita is powered by a plethora of herbs including Bhibitaki, Amla , Shalaparni, Manjitha, Sariva, and Phalini which help improve nutrition distribution in the brain, relieve stress which forces compulsive behavior, and improves overall cognition.

Kalyanaka Ghrita is also recommended for treating Attention Deficient Hyperactive Syndrome (ADHD) and other brain-related disorders. In general, this medicated ghee improves memory power in children and adults, improves intelligence and helps in enhancing concentration. This medicine is highly effective in treating dementia and mental confusion.

Schizophrenia is a serious psychological disorder that hampers a person’s ability to think, act and behave properly. The condition is characterized by fear of being alone or victimized, belief in being right always, hallucinations, paranoia and even inflicting self-harm. This is a challenging disorder for allopathic medicines to treat. Kalyanaka Ghrita combined with yogic meditation and breathing helps in management of this condition.


Epilepsy is a condition characterized by seizures that occur due to a disorder in the nerve-cell activity in the brain. This condition can only be managed but cannot be cure as per allopathic medications available at the moment. Ayurvedic physicians recommend the herb fused Kalyanaka Ghrita ghee for treating this condition. Since Epilepsy requires lifelong treatment, it might be better to consume herbal ghee for prolonged periods alongside other herbal medicines recommended by an ayurvedic physician rather than lab-manufactured allopathic medicines whose long-term side effects might be quite fatal on some rare occasions.


It is normally recommended to consume a tablespoon of Kalyanaka Ghrita alongside a glass of warm water in the morning for improved fertility. Consumption of Kalyanaka Ghrita on an empty stomach can increase sperm count and quality in men and enhance the quality of ovum and overall fertilization capacity in women. It is advised by many ayurvedic physicians to couples who are looking to have babies to consume this medicated ghee for 6 to 8 weeks for increasing the chance of conception.


Kalaynaka Ghrita is also highly effective in treating many kinds of respiratory disorders. It is useful in relieving the common cold and cough.


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