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kaunch pak Ayurvedic medicine for infertility and sexual health

Kaunch Pak is an ayurvedic jam made with a powerful Shukra dhatu enhancer called Kapikacchu as the main ingredient. It is highly efficient in treating male infertility and also helps to improve sperm quality and count. The plant is abundant in the Indian Sub-continent and has been used to enhance sexual wellbeing for over a thousand years.

Kaunch Pak balances Vata and the ayurvedic jam also contains saffron, clove, and ginger, cinnabar, and similar naturally occurring minerals alongside Kauncha or Kapikachu as the main ingredient. It also contains raisins.


Kaunch Pak plant is an annual twiner whose all parts such as seed, leaves, roots, etc. are of therapeutic value and have been used for the treatment of the following indications or diseases:


Kaunch Pak can be very useful food for bodybuilders because it is high in amino acid L-Dopa, which helps to reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Kaunch Pak has been used as an anti-Parkinson disease drug. Another advantage of Kaunch Pak is that it can increase the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

Increased HGH levels can increase the body’s ability to build a lean muscle and disintegrate fat. Kaunch Pak has also been indicated to have a diuretic effect. It increases muscle strength and enhances balance. Kaunch Pak can also raise testosterone levels, which in turn can contribute to increased muscle mass and strength.



Kaunch Pak has a long history in Traditional Indian medicine for many diseases including Parkinson’s disease (Kampavat). Researchers also observed that Kaunch Pak is more effective than levodopa (precursor to dopamine) in reducing autonomic dysfunction. Various compounds of kaunch beej, such as gallic acid, unsaturated acids, alkaloids, genistein, nicotine, bufotenin, lecithin, etc. play a role in this.


It has been isolated and possesses neuroprotective activity and promotes the activity of levodopa in the anti-Parkinson disorder. Kaunch beej seeds have about 0.2 percent – 2 percent of L-dopa in their dry condition.



Research at the Lucknow University, India, has come to the conclusion that the supplement has improved the quantity and quality of male semen. They tested 75 healthy men and 75 men who were unable to have children. All the people were between 25 and 40 years old. They were given 5 grams a day of Kaunch Pak every day for three months. It was noted that men with a low sperm count (scientifically referred to as oligospermia) had a significant improvement after consumption of Kaunch Pak.

The diagnostic test showed a lot of change in the sperm, which is consistent with a rise in the male sex hormone testosterone. The pituitary gland contains the carrier hormones FSH and LH, which stimulate the testicles to produce sperm and testosterone. Kaunch Pak reportedly improves the functioning of the pituitary gland.



Kaunch Pak is capable of correcting sexual behavior. In an aphrodisiacal study conducted at the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Manipal on “Kaunch Pak” a dose of 75 milligrams per kilo of the body weight was administered daily to male albino rats.


The sexual behavior of male albino rats has been shown to dramatically increase testosterone levels. The analysis also indicates that sexual intercourse in animals improved sexual appetite and output after 21 to 28 days.

Further analysis indicates that Kaunch Pak not only increased arousal and enhanced sexual activity to a good degree but also sustained it for a longer period, as shown by an improvement below ejaculation latency and a decrease in post-ejaculatory interval. Kaunch Pak has been shown to control central depressant activity and delay in ejaculation due to overly sensitive genitals. This research has shown that Kaunch Pak can be used to enhance libido and inhibit premature ejaculation.



Kaunch Pak produces 40 milligrams for every gram of a compound called L-DOPA, which can help the body’s capacity to induce the normal release of growth hormones. Blood transports dopamine into the brain, where it naturally increases the output of (HGH) from the pituitary gland. The rise in dopamine levels further optimizes the development of other hormones, including testosterone, leading to elevated sex appeal and better sexual function for both men and women, helping to promote muscle growth as well as removing fat from fat cells.



It improves sperm count, quality, and viscosity.

Improves Immunity, Vitality and Body Strength


5-10 grams with milk once or twice a day or as advised by the physician.



It is not advisable for pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children. Strictly keep out of the reach of children.

Diabetic people are also advised not to consume this product. If blood sugar is in good control one shall consume this product under medical supervision.

It is advisable to avoid sour foods for at least two hours after consuming this product.

It should be strictly taken only under medical supervision.


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