Kumara kalyana rasa

Kumara kalyana rasa

Children, infants, and adolescent boys and girls are highly susceptible to many diseases. The immunity system in infants and children is not as developed as in adults. Even in adolescent people, the system is not perfect and there are rapid changes in their hormones and bodies which also make them an easy target for diseases. A mere natural change in climate can cause diseases in children. Our ancient ayurvedic doctors had noticed these weaknesses in infants and designed a tonic that will improve their health and immunity. Thus was conceptualized Kumara Kalyana Rasa, an ayurvedic herbo-mineral formula where Aloe Vera extracts are blended with the most essential naturally occurring minerals are purified and perfected to help in the wellbeing of our children.

 This powerful preparation is recommended in multiple ancient ayurvedic works of literature. An ancient Sanskrit ayurvedic text named Bhaishajya Ratnavalli recommends Kumara Kalyana Rasa for seasonal and immune-related disorders. Kumara Kalyana Rasa is also highly rated in the Bala Rogadhikara which is ayurvedic literature that exclusively deals with pediatrics. 

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Kumara Kalyana Rasa has been designed to help children quickly recover from diseases like fever, cold, jaundice, indigestion, and other illnesses that occur due to the inability to adapt to climate change or due to a weaker immune system. It is at times recommended by some doctors in mild specified doses as an immunity booster in children. This formulation is prepared using a complex ayurvedic process involving a lot of naturally occurring minerals and hence it is highly recommended to consume this product only at the advice of an ayurvedic physician.

Some allopathic practitioners have reservations about the usage of metals and minerals in ayurvedic medicines like Kumara Kalyana Rasa. This medicine is especially targeted by allopathic practitioners because it is recommended to infants and children. These skeptics fail to understand that Ayurveda has certain unique purification techniques to make these naturally occurring minerals extremely safe for consumption just like how modern medicine has techniques to make lab-produced chemicals and minerals safe for consumption. The purification of minerals in Ayurveda is a tiring and long process performed only by experts in the field. The impurities and toxins are completely removed and the minerals are energized to directly benefit the children in Kumara Kalyana Rasa. When prepared as per the recommendations in ayurvedic literature by following all the step-by-step processes this medicine is as safe as any herbal product for regular consumption even for children.

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Aloe Vera extracts

Purified extracts of Gold

Purified extracts of Mica

Purified extracts of Copper

Purified extracts of Calx of Pearl

Purified extracts of Mercury

Purified extracts of Iron


Kumara Kalyana Rasa is the best ayurvedic tonic for pediatrics i.e. immunity-related diseases in children.

It is loaded with naturally occurring minerals that are blended with a complete body tonic herb- Aloe Vera.

More than 50% of this formulation is Aloe Vera extracts hence the medicine can also be rich in anti-oxidants and shall also possess cooling and anti-inflammatory properties.

Kumara Kalyana Rasa can cure fever and common cold which occur in infants, adolescent people, and children.

It improves digestion and metabolism. This medicine is recommended to relieve indigestion in children.

Loaded with Aloes and naturally occurring minerals this tablet is effective against immunity-related conditions like Jaundice in children.

It is also recommended in children by ayurvedic doctors to help in curing emancipation or related conditions which cause unexplained and sudden weight loss in children.

It helps in nausea and vomiting.

Kumara Kalyana Rasa is also recommended for respiratory diseases like Asthma. Click here to read more about Ayurvedic treatment for Asthma in children.


Kumara Kalyana Rasa is recommended in mild doses. It is strictly advised to consume this medicine only at the recommendations of an ayurvedic doctor.

This medicine is also available in form of a capsule. Ayurvedic doctors generally recommend one capsule at a time two times a day.

The doses vary according to the condition, the age of the child and their physical and mental conditions. It is best to consult an ayurvedic doctor to get your personal dosage.


There are no major side effects reported for consuming this medicine in limited doses. It is highly advisable to not overdose on this medicine. 

Overdosing over a long period of time can cause complications in the kidneys and the liver.

It is generally recommended to consume this medicine for a period of 1 or 2 weeks after which a few days of break is recommended.

This is a direct action medicine and is not recommended for general consumption.

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