Kumkumadi lepam benefits in acne

kumkumadi Lepam

The breakout of acne on the skin is a devastating episode in the life of any person. These stubborn zits not only cover the skin with ugly spots and blemishes but can also cause severe pain, irritation and burning sensation on the skin. Popping the zits is sure to leave a permanent mark on the skin while a public breakout is even more embarrassing.

Though acne is more common among teenagers due to the hormonal upsurges, acne can appear at any stage and age of life. The effects of acne on the face are not just limited to beautification and looks but they also have a psychological impact making the person feel less attractive, deemed confidence, and can also cause depression.

Causes of Acne
The underlying causes of acne have a huge span right from hygiene factors to food habits. Acne is mostly caused due to the bacteria thriving on the clogged pores of the skin which is the result of an imbalance in the production of sebum. This imbalance is often triggered by a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy food choices, digestion troubles etc.

Ayurveda for acne management
Ayurvedic treatment focuses on eradicating the issue from the root. The treatment depends on the type and intensity of the acne. In the case of mild zits internal medication, healthy food choices, topical applications are sufficient; whereas, for intense acne troubles, there are other procedures that concentrate on detoxification of the body and proper regulation of hormones.

Kumkumadi Lepam

Kumkumadi lepam is an age-old ayurvedic formula for flawless skin. Blended in perfection, this potent cream works wonder on the skin. This all-natural herbal formulation is immensely effective in warding off the acne without leaving any spots behind. It is often cited as the secret weapon to fight blemishes, dark spots, wrinkles, dark circles, hyperpigmentation, and other signs of aging.

Kumkumadi Lepam Ingredients:

Kumkumadi lepam is an amazing concoction of many powerful herbs which makes it a magical cream for the skin. The chief ingredients are:

Saffron: Saffron works astonishingly well in reducing pigments, dark circles, acne, and pimple. This rare species is blessed with amazing antimicrobial or antibacterial qualities which are impeccable for treating acne. It also has an excellent exfoliating capacity which is necessary for clearing up the skin and curing acne.

Sandalwood: This wonder herb is widely used because of its unbeatable capacity of killing germs, soothing inflamed skin, and clearing blemishes. The cooling nature of sandalwood relieves pain and irritation of the skin.

Turmeric: The antibiotic and antimicrobial properties of turmeric uproot the acne from deep within the layers of skin. It is a natural healer that clears the skin, reduces inflammation, and adds a natural glow to the skin.


Kumkumadi Lepam for Acne Cure

Benefits Kumkumadi Lepam cream is extremely effective in treating a myriad of skin conditions. It works particularly well in curing acne, blemishes, dark spots etc. Kumkumadi lepam helps to reduce acne and pimples which erupt due to dry skin. Saffron heals acne, while turmeric fights with germs, and sandalwood soothes the skin which is irritated due to microbial attack.

Side effects of Kumkumadi Lepam
There are no known side effects of this cream.

How to apply?
It should be applied gently over the affected area after cleansing the skin. A neem soap works well in cleansing the skin

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