M power capsule to improve libido and erection in menM power capsule

M Power Ds Capsules powered by Safaed Musli and eleven other ayurvedic ingredients to help improve Libido and alleviate other sexual problems.


Our stressful modern city lives has forced us to throw our dietary habits in the air and to top that is the unprecedented levels of stress it gives. Increased levels of stress and decreased levels of nutrition has resulted in many of having serious issues with our personal lives including a loss of interest in our partners, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction etc. In the land of Kamasutra, ancient sages who brought innovation in Ayurveda have observed this problem and identified many herbs which increase libido and solve sexual issues.


M Power Ds Capsules from Vasishta Pharmaceuticals increases Libido, solves erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and strengthens the reproductive organs. It nourishes the Shukradhatu and is hence a saptadhatu nourisher.



M Power Ds Capsules are composed of 12 ancient ayurvedic herbs most of which are standalone cures for reproductive issues. When combined in the unique proportion designed by Vasishta Pharmaceuticals M Power Capsules become a one-stop solution to most of your sexual and reproductive problems.

Safed Musli is the primary ingredient in this formulation. It is used traditionally in arthritis, diabetes management, boosting vitality and to enhance sexual health. It is also a standalone muscle builder and hence is available in form of body building supplements.

Ashwagandha is the most reliable aphrodisiac and sexual health enhancer. It is a complete Shukradhatu nourisher and is used in all kinds of diseases related to sexual and reproductive health. It is also a complete body rejuvenator. It is the largest ingredient in M Power Ds Capsules on virtue of its composition by weight in the capsule.

Shatavari is very effective in boosting testosterone in men. It is also effective in boosting memory and is a powerful antioxidant. It is also used in sexual delibility, spermatohoea, impotence, inflammation of sexual organs etc. It is highly effective in increasing sperm count and motility.

Pippali is an aphrodisiac herb. It is also highly effective in improving sexual health and has anti-ageing properties.

Shilajit is a compound with at least 80 different mineral enriched that is extracted from the Himalayas. It is a traditional ayurvedic medicine commonly used in the treatment of male reproductive problems such as premature ejaculation, problems in testosterone production, impotence, and fertility. It enhances the entire reproductive system from inside and is a tonic to the sex organs. It improves wellness by slowing down the wear and tear of body tissues, thereby halting our aging process.

Makaradwaja is a complex preparation involving many life enhancing herbs and minerals. It is one of the best and highly potent complete body rejuvenating formulations in Ayurveda. It holistically nourishes the entire body.

Gokshura is the most effective ayurvedic herb to treat a plethora of diseases related to the reproductive and renal functions. It is considered the best herb to treat problems related to sexual health as Siddha system of medicine.

Salam Panja and Ginseng are herbs which are very effective in treating erectile dysfunction. Vidarikanda rejuvenates the entire body. Akrarasara improves the secretion of male hormones –androgens and Kappikachu improves libido, nourishes all sexual organs and is also a nervine tonic.

This combination in unique proportion powers Vasishta Pharmaceutical’s M Power Ds Capsules to help improve male sexual health.



M Power Ds Capsules help manage the male hormone Androgen that helps a man develop genital organs, body hair, and muscle mass.

It increases testosterone levels and sperm count.

It is used to treat impotence. It is a sexual disorder in which a patient is unable to maintain a firm erection.

This is an aphrodisiac that helps improve libido and also serves as a drug that raises the amount of testosterone in the body.

It can also be used to alleviate anxiety and stress.

M Power Ds Capsules increases sexual desire (Libido) and also enhances the mood.

It is effective in treating oligospermia, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction



It is recommended to consume two capsules twice a day with milk or as recommended by the physician



M Power Capsules are a pure herbal formula and hence no side effects are reported when used as a medicine.

Those who do not have reproductive problems are advised to not consume this product



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