Charak Pharma has come with a unique ayurvedic formula derived exclusively from herbal ingredients to treat Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and other menstrual disorders in women. Their offering in form of M2 tablets and syrup are a powerful blend of highly rated ayurvedic herbs like Shatavari, Jatamansi, Lodhra and Ashoka which regulates the hormonal secretion in women and helps in relieving all kinds of menstrual disorders including polycystic ovary syndrome.

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These medicines are prepared primarily from ayurvedic herbs and do not contain any harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients making them not only highly beneficial for the body but also absolutely safe for long-term use. This herbal-charged medicine does not contain steroids or other artificial hormone-boosting ingredients. This medicine regulates the hormones in women naturally by holistically nourishing the female reproductive system. It helps in relieving inflammations and eliminates cyst formations and attempts to restore balance in the system. M2 tablets and syrup help regulate and restore the ideal menstrual cycle in women. It also makes periods less painful and tries to limit discomfort.

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Charak Pharma has clinically tested the efficacy of M2 tablets and syrup. The manufacturer promises a significant improvement in people suffering from dysmenorrhea and polycystic ovary disease on regular consumption of M2 syrup and tablets.


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is slowly evolving into a pandemic amongst the urban women population because of poor lifestyles, improper nutrition, bad dietary habits, stress and negligence. Though doctors generally believe this condition occurs due to genetics or environmental factors. This disorder is characterized by the presence of enlarged ovaries with cyst formations.  The primary symptom is menstrual irregularity. The other symptoms include pimples and acne formations, excess hair growth and obesity. M2 tone EM tablets and syrup are prepared by Charak Pharma with powerful menstrual health promoting and hormonal balancing herbs like Ashoka, Lodha and Shatavari to relieve all symptoms and restore balance in the body.


Charak Pharma’s M2 tablets and syrup help restore hormonal balance in women.

It helps alleviate abdominal pain, discomfort and fatigue which occur during monthly periods in women.

It helps relieve stress, anxiety and irritability which occur in some women during menstruation.

A combination of M2 tablets and M2 syrup can help promote a healthy reproductive system in women.

M2 tablets and syrup help restore ideal (normal) menstrual cycle for women suffering from irregular periods.

It helps improve infertility caused by menstrual disorders.

It is equally useful in dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, endometriosis and PCOS.


For Syrup: Consume 10 ml of M2 tone EM syrup from Charak Pharma two times a day after food or as directed by the physician. It is recommended to keep as equal interval in between doses.

For tablets: Consume one tablet at a time two times a day or as recommended by the physician.

It is recommended to combine M2 tone EM syrup and tablets for best results and faster relief from menstrual disorders.


M2 tone EM tablets and syrup can help relieve menstrual disorders but to make sure these diseases do not come back, it is important to improve one’s lifestyle.

Menstrual disorders are caused mostly by stress which is generated from workspaces or in personal life. It can also occur due to malnutrition and lack of physical exercise.

So following a healthy diet regime loaded with green leafy vegetables, spinaches and fruits and topping them up with physical activities like yoga, workouts, and brisk walking is necessary to keep menstrual problems at bay. It is also recommended to keep some time off for meditation.

If you fail to improve your lifestyle and if your menstrual problems have come back to haunt you, worry not because M2 tone EM syrups and tablets will bail you out again!


No side effects are noticed for consuming these tablets and syrup. It is safe to consume them for a long period of time.


It is recommended that pregnant women and lactating mothers avoid this medicine.

This is an action-oriented medicine and is not recommended for people who do not have the conditions or symptoms.

People suffering from diabetes are recommended to consume M2 tone EM tablets alone as the syrup can increase your blood sugar levels.

It is highly recommended that this medicine be consumed only at the advice of an ayurvedic physician.


Charak Pharma’s M2 tone EM tablets and syrup are available in our store.

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