Manasa mitra vatka the best ayurvedic medicine for psychiatric disorders now backed by science

Manasa Mitra Vataka is an ayurvedic formula for the treatment of all kinds of psychiatric conditions from ancient books of Ayurveda. It is prepared by a combination of 73 ingredients.

India and Indians are generally looked down upon as a group who do not pay much attention to mental health. To such people it should be a surprise that after multiple scientific evidences for its potency ‘Manasa Mitra Vataka’, the Indian Ayurvedic medicine might be the oldest existing formulation for mental disorders.

Manasa Mitra Vataka is indicated for a lot of conditions. It is used to improve intelligence and memory. It is also used to treat speech related problems. Schizophrenia, Epilepsy, Depression, Psychosis and even relief from Poison are some of its other major indications.

Many researches have been conducted to test the efficacy of Manasa Mitra Vataka. As of today, we have scientific research based evidences to prove most of the traditional indications of this medicine might be true.



Researchers from the “National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences, Banglore” in their study titled “Clinical efficacy of Manasamitra Vataka (an Ayurveda medication) on generalized anxiety disorder with comorbid generalized social phobia: a randomized controlled study” have checked the efficacy of Manasa Mitra Vataka on patients with Anxiety Disorder and evaluated the results on six different rating scales acknowledged by the scientific community. All patients showed significant reduction in all clinical parameters by 30 days.

The study concluded by stating that Manasa Mitra Vataka was very effective in treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The efficacy of the treatment improved when the oral intake of the vataka was supplemented by Shirodhara.



Manasa Mitra Vataka is traditionally indicated for its neuroprotective properties. It protects the brain from toxins.

A study published in the “Journal for Drug and Chemical Toxicology” titled “Neuroprotective effect of Manasamitra vatakam against aluminum induced cognitive impairment and oxidative damage in the cortex and hippocampus of rat brain” has shown that this medicine improves memory and anti-oxidant activity and protects the rats against aluminum induced neurotoxicity. The study concluded that Manasa Mitra Vataka can prevent brain damage due to neurotoxicity and hence is an effective Neuroprotective agent.



This medicine has anti-oxidative properties which makes it an effective immune modulator. A study by a researcher named Rama Krishna Rao from Bharathiyar Univeristy titled “Preliminary GC-MS Analysis and Antioxidant Study of One Ayurvedic Medicine Manasa Mitra Vatakam” has concluded that Manasa Mitra Vataka is a very powerful anti-oxidant.



Researchers from Chennai published a study in the ‘Journal for Pharmacy Research’ titled “In vitro antioxidant and antibacterial activity of polyherbal Manasamitra vatakam (MMV) drug” in which they noted this ayurvedic formula exhibited anti-bacterial properties.

Many ingredients like Gold, Silver, Cinnamon, Triphala etc. in the Manasa Mitra Vataka exhibits anti-bacterial properties which is exhibited by the tablet as well.



Patients suffering from anxiety disorders suffer from their sleep quality and quantity. They hardly get a continuous sleep and even if they do it is of very poor quality with a lot of stress as they sleep. Manasa Mitra Vataka can relieve such sleep disorders and induce better sleep in patients with an anxiety disorder.

A study titled “Manasamitra Vataka and Shirodhara treatment Preserve Slow Wave Sleep and Promote Sleep Continuity in Patients with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Co- Morbid Generalized Social Phobia” has examined the efficacy of the drug in improving sleep and found that this medicine along with Shirodhara practice is very effective in improving sleep quality amongst patients with an anxiety disorder.




Schizophrenia is a condition in which the patients interpret reality differently. It affects the person’s ability to empathize, think, feel and behave. This is one of the most dangerous psychological diseases. In allopathy, this condition can be treated but cannot be cured. In Ayurveda, Manasa Mitra Vataka is prescribed for this condition. 

In a review article published in the “Cochrane Library” titled “Ayurvedic medicine for schizophrenia” the efficacy of this tablet on some symptoms of Schizophrenia is tested. The authors conclude that Manasa Mitra Vataka can be a potential candidate for treating Schizophrenia. They do recommend a more detailed study to evaluate their claims.

Similarly, many researches have been conducted on the efficacy of this medicine for many of the diseases. It sure is a powerful drug for mental health from our ancestors.



To boost memory power

To treat autism in adults



Panic disorders and Panic attacks

Manic depressive psychosis

All kinds of Phobias

Weak Nervous system and other nerve disorders

Speech problems

Insomnia and other abnormal sleep syndromes


To treat Poisoning

In children to improve concentration


This medicine should not be self-administered. Use only under medical supervision.

Contact an ayurvedic physician to get a personalized dosage with respect to the patient’s tridosas.

Generally 1 or 2 tablets two times a day after food along with milk is recommended. It varies from patient to patient and an overdose can be fatal. So consult your ayurvedic physician before you consume this medicine.



An overdose can cause a burning sensation in the stomach.

This tablet should be stopped rhythmically by slowly reducing dosage day by day.

Keep out of reach of children.

It is not for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

This medicine can be administered for a long duration under medical supervision.

It should be had only after at least 30 minutes of consuming allopathic medicines. Consult your doctor if you are taking any medicines along with this.


It is made up of 73 different herbal and naturally occurring mineral ingredients.



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