Mentace- An Ayurvedic Answer For Stress & Anxiety

Mentace – An Ayurvedic Answer for Stress and Anxiety Neurosis 

The bane of this modern day curses each soul with the tyranny of undue stress and wrath of deceptive anxiety. Starting the day stressed about reaching office on time to worrying about the deadlines, anxious about performance toiling for the next promotion, life today is a complete chaos. Added to that is the clamour of personal affairs, be it that extra weight bulging around the waist or the venom of a toxic relationship, the heart often bleeds to the insensitivity and the mind cries for some peace.

While the world statistics have been screaming about the work-related stress across the globe, the darkness of personal affairs is gradually peeping up. The distressed masses tried to find solace in popping all sorts of pills but pretty soon the horrific effects of these temporary aids took a toll on every aspect of their life. To escape the grill of these pocket drilling medicines silently killing the host, people started to explore the remedies of alternative medicine. Be it the discovery of ginseng or acupuncture from Chinese books or the espial of a treasure trove of 5000 years old Indian system of medicine Ayurveda.

A deeper dig into the subjects brought new discoveries in the light. From accepting yoga as the new trend and vegan as the way of life to opting for Ayurveda as the preferred choice of medicine, the world turned all eyes in the treasure of our ancient heritage. Such curiosity and demand of the holistic science opened new doors of treatment and medicine, craving the path to a healthy life.



While Ashwagandha has been used for eons, owing to the plethora of benefits it offers, its blend with Tagara, Vacha, Sarpagandha and Shunthi is revered as the elixir to relieving stress. Blending these herbal constituents, Brihatri launched the Mentace tablets, a complete natural and organic remedy to release stress and relax the body. 

With multiple studies and clinical trials backing the efficacy of this medicine combined with zero side effects, it is now widely used as a cure for the world wide epidemic of stress and anxiety. Mentace tablets also work well in calming anxiety neurosis that is on a high rise these days. 

It is the most popular anxiolytic herbal medicine known for its efficacy and safety profile.

Mentace has a profile of powerful antioxidant properties that destroy the free radicals relieving the stress from the tensed cells of the body.

While Mentace does the job of calming the nerves, its combination with yoga and a balanced diet paves the way out of stress, anxiety and depression. 

Benefits of Mentace:

  • Relieves stress, strain, and tension.
  • Helping in dealing with depression.
  • Very helpful in  anxiety neurosis.
  • Zero side effects
  • No drowsiness no fatigue.


  • Breastfeeding mother and pregnant ladies should take it only after recommendation from an Ayurvedic doctor.
  • Keep it away from children’s reach.

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