Skin Care - A Dermatologist’s Story

My daily dose of beauty

Beauty was never my thing. I was not that girl who would sit in front of the mirror staring every feature to detail and correct every spot to perfection. I was the crazy girl who would wake up at 8:20 to catch the bus at 8:30. Every second of sleep mattered to me more than the perfectly done hair or the well-decked glossy lips. But then one day everything changed.

He was a new boy in the class, the charming smile and silky hair spilled magic in the air. My eyes were glued to that distant seat across the class, and every five minutes I would just make a turn to steal a glance. He was my crush at first sight.

He was the guy I started relating my songs to, I started having imaginary conversations with, the dreams I weaved lying on the bed and the diaries I filled with all the fantasies. Finally I gathered all my courage and penned all my feelings in a paper.

I handed the letter or perhaps my heart to the guy and he just laughed it off. Neither a Yes, nor a No, just a blunt laugh. I tore my confidence and broke my heart. I hated my face and dismayed my body.

I wanted this phase to end and this face to change and so I dragged my mom to a cosmetologist. The cosmetologist convinced me that my nose was perfect and so are my lips, I just need a little care to bring out the best of me.

He gave me Brihatri Moisturizing lotion for daily use, on my body and my face and said that this is all I need. I am blessed beautiful which just needs some care and pamper to glow.

He was right, it was not my lips or my nose that was wrong but the way I deemed my confidence and burnt my self-esteem took my thunder away. The secret of beauty is as simple as the perfect blend of smile, confidence and Brihatri Moisturizing lotion.

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