Presize tablets

Presize tablets

Weight loss supplements are amongst the most in demand medicines around the globe. Poor lifestyle loaded with fat foods and topped with work pressure with no time for workouts is the norm in many cities around the world. The pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns have only increased the work load and junk food consumption worsening the situation for millions who were already clueless but desperate to lose weight. Presize tablets from Green Milk Concepts are tailor made for people who have the desire to trim down but not the time and heart for burning fat with work outs. This ayurvedic tablet is prepared exclusively from ingredients highly rated in Ayurveda. It is completely free from toxic chemicals and hence much safer than other artificial weight loss supplements.

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Weight loss has never been easier! All you need to do is consume Presize tablets regularly for a period of time to notice visible difference. It is also important to note, this is not ‘a get slim quick’ tablet. Though weight loss is bound to happen on regular consumption of this tablet, it will be because of enhanced digestion, ama elimination and increased nutrients absorption and metabolism. This means the fat burning process will be relatively slower than when on a powerful workout regime.


Presize tablets are a must have for those who are on a weight losing workout regime. When these tablets are consumed alongside physical work outs, the benefits of work out are doubled and a relatively faster fat burning is achieved. Try it yourself, the amount of kilos shred with just workouts will be much lesser than the kilos you shred when u top up your workout regime with oral intake of Presize tablets.

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Presize tablets are designed to benefits people who don’t have time for exercises. It is loaded with ayurvedic herbs like Vrikshamala, Guggulu and Gandhira. These herbs are amongst the highest rated in Siddha and Ayurveda medicinal practices for enhancing nutrition absorption and improving digestion and metabolism. It is a pure herbal medicine with no added chemical or artificial supplements.

Presize capsules have the potency to help in weight management in a slow but steady manner even for people who do not do regular physical exercise. Hence it can be a standalone product for weight loss. 


Presize tablets are amongst the best oral products available in the market for weight loss.

It improves digestion and nourishes the digestive system.

It improves metabolism and enhances the absorption of nutrients from the food you consumed into the system (body)

It helps to eliminate ama or the undigested food residue in the body. This improves health and keeps many diseases at bay. Destroying ama is also necessary for weight loss.

Green Milk Concepts markets this product as an alternative to exercises for people who are unable to find time for workouts.

It helps reduce weight without causing any side effects. Presize tablets have a healthy action of improving digestion and enhancing nutrition absorption to promote weight loss.


It is recommended to consume two tablets, two times a day with equal intervals between dosages.

It is advisable to start taking this medicine by consuming one tablet once a day and after a few days take twice a day. Once your body gets accustomed to the medicine, take two tablets at a time twice a day.

While stopping consumption also a slow fade by reducing the dosage slowly is recommended. 

It is normally recommended to consume this medicine for a period of 12 weeks for best results. 

It is highly advisable to consult an ayurvedic physician to get your personalized dosage with respect to your prakriti, mental state and metabolic status (status of Jataragni or digestive fire)


Pregnant women are advised to not consume this medicine. 

It is not recommended for people with pre-existing digestive disorders.

Lactating mothers, People with liver and kidney disorders and teenagers in the age group 13-18 are advised to consume this medicine only after consultations with an ayurvedic doctor. 

This is not the best way for children below 13 years of age to lose weight. Get them kicking a football or smashing a shuttle outdoors.


It is safe to take Presize tablets alongside other allopathic and homeopathic medicines.

It is also safe to consume this alongside other health supplements.

It is recommended to consume this product after 30 minutes from consuming allopathic medicines if any.

People who are under medication of any illness or conditions are advised to consult an ayurvedic doctor before consuming this product.


Most weight loss supplement tablets in the market are plagued with adverse side effects on long term use.

This medicine is prepared exclusively from powerful ayurvedic herbs and hence is relatively safe for long term consumption.

No side effects are reported for this product so far.


This medicine is available on all leading Ayurcentral stores.

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