Saffron In Pregnancy Care

Saffron In Pregnancy Care

Saffron In Pregnancy Care:

Pregnancy is a blissful time as a girl prepares herself to embrace the beauty of motherhood. With all the care and pamper comes a lot of wise words about the do’s and not-to-do’s, the diet, the books, the clothes and what not. Amidst all the buzz, there is one thing that gets a unified recommendation – the magic of saffron strands…

This rare species of exquisite flavoring is brimmed with therapeutic and medical properties which makes it the world’s most expensive spice. With the abundance of folic acid, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and vitamins A and C this wonder herb is crowned as the ideal herb for the pregnant ladies.

Here are some of the top picked perks of saffron for the expecting moms.

Helps in controlling Mood Swings:

Most of the pregnant mothers are clutched by the hormonal surge, anxiety and nervousness which results in mood swings. Saffron is a natural anti-depressant that helps to cope with feelings of anxiety, stress and pain. It also assists in the production of serotonin hormone that elevates the mood.

Regulates Blood Pressure:

Pregnancy triggers a rush of blood flowing through the veins which may result in high pressure. Saffron contains crocetin and potassium, both of which are potent to lower blood pressure.

Cures Morning Sickness:

Getting out of the bed is anyway a hard deal, the dizziness, nausea and vomiting just makes it worse. A few strands of the marvelous spice helps to overcome morning sickness.

Boosts Digestion:

Pregnancy slows down the digestive system which results in gas, bloating, constipation or loose motion. Saffron is known to boost the blood flow in the digestive system and creates a protective coating in the digestive tract. This extra layer helps to soothe the gastrointestinal acidity and lessen the bloating effect.

Soothes Cramps:

As the tiny soul sprouts in the uterus, the muscles and bones start to shift and stretch so as to accommodate the growing baby. This results in frequent cramps and pain. Saffron being a natural anti-spasmodic and painkiller is very effective in soothing the agony.

Uninterrupted sleep:

Probably one of the worst ordeals of pregnancy is the sleepless nights. The pain, itch, hormonal surges, changing body, frequent urge of urine, perplexed thoughts and the baby’s kicks make you count every minute of the night. Saffron infused tea or milk is the perfect panacea, its mild sedative nature ensures you uninterrupted relaxed sleep.

Protects the bones:

Pregnancy may result in diminished bone density, weakening of bones or extensive tooth decay. Saffron ensures a gush of calcium supply to the body that keeps both the mother and baby healthy.

Armor the little heart:

The rich contents of saffron protect the mother’s and the baby’s heart by reducing cholesterol and triglycerides.

Other Benefits of Saffron:

It is an effective muscle relaxant that works like a boon in pregnancy.

It helps to control cough and loosen the phlegm.

The rich iron content of saffron protects the body against anaemia and other iron deficiency diseases.

Saffron is known for its cosmetic wonders. It treats acne and darkening of skin which are common in pregnancy.

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