sandalwood oil

sandalwood oil


Sandalwood is amongst the most exotic ayurvedic ingredients used widely for its therapeutic properties.  Sandalwood oil is renowned for its wound healing, mood enhancing and anti-bacterial properties. Passion Indulge offers the most authentic and pure sandalwood oil which is completely free from toxic add-ons and preservatives. Passion Indulge Sandalwood oil is certified by a PETA for its eco-friendly preparation which is 100% vegan. It is prepared sustainably without adversely affecting the environment. Sandalwood oil is traditionally indicated for relieving common cold, muscle problems, depression and digestive issues. It also nurtures the liver, gall bladder and urinary tract. It is the most valued oil amongst practitioners of aromatherapy.


Passion Indulge Sandalwood oil is the best mood enhancer. This oil gives a smell which tickles our senses and plunges our minds in positivity. Many recent studies have shown aromatherapy is real and can be very effective in treating depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses. Sandalwood oil has the best aroma to improve our mood. 

If you have the habit of procrastinating or find yourself in a lazy mood very often, it is advised to smell some sandalwood oil for a few minutes. If possible expose yourself to its smell and aura for some minutes and experience the improvement and mood and positivity. Yes, you read that right! Passion Indulge oil can enhance productivity and it is time, employers recommend their employees to smell this oil when they feel stressed out, lazy or not in mood for work.

Passion Indulge oil is also a happiness enhancer. Applying the oil slightly on your collars can help keep your senses exposed to the fragrance of the oil. This will ensure a happier mood and a more fulfilling day.


Passion Indulge Sandalwood oil can help in quicker wound healing and also improve skin regeneration. A 2014 study by students of Ruhr University Bochum has shown that sandalwood scent helps improve skin regeneration and in wound healing. According to Ruhr University Bochum researchers, skin cells have an olfactory receptor for sandalwood odor. Their findings show that when certain receptors are stimulated, cell proliferation as well as wound healing accelerates. This process may serve as a catalyst for new medicines and cosmetics.

Passion Indulge Sandalwood oil is derived from best in class sandalwood and retains the natural aroma, aura and fragrance of pure Sandalwood. Thus all the benefits identified by the researchers on Sandalwood can be availed by using Passion Indulge Sandalwood oil.


To claim Sandalwood oil has anti-cancer properties might be a little far-fetched but it is true that many studies have shown Sandalwood oil might contain compounds which help in eliminating cancerous cells developing in the body. Sandalwood oil contains a compound called alpha-santalol (α-santalol) which helps eliminate tumorous cells in the body.

A 2014 study titled ´A novel chemo-preventive mechanism for a traditional medicine: East Indian sandalwood oil induces autophagy and cell death in proliferating keratinocytes’ by researchers from the University of Arizona published in the “Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics” has scientifically established the potential anti-cancerous properties of sandalwood oil.


Passion Indulge Sandalwood oil can be applied directly to the skin to improve skin health.

It can be vaporized in an essential oil infuser or a few drops can be added to hot water and the vapor can be inhaled for improving the mood.

Spraying the oil or oil infused water around your room can help improve the aura of the room.

It can be added to the water which will be used to bathing.


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