shishu poshaka taila for infants

In recent years some global companies which produced cosmetics and oils for babies and infants have been held guilty for using harmful substances in their products. This has been the problem with most modern products, no one could guess the long term effects and by the time it comes out in public domain, it is a little too late! Why not try the time tested and 100 % herbal baby care products from Ayurveda to enrich the skin of your infants? Shishu Poshaka Taila is as nourishing and soothing on the skin of your toddlers as any other baby oil in the market if not better. It also guarantees no long term harmful effects because only time tested natural ingredients are used in the making of this product.



The base oil in Shishu Poshaka Taila is coconut oil. It is immersed in the goodness of herbs like ashwagandha, punarnava, eranda, jatamamsi, avartani, karanja, laksha, majistha, rasna, bhutaphala, balamoola and ratanjoth.

Ashwagandha nourishes the skin with its anti-oxidant properties and soothes your infant giving him or her, a radiant look. It also stimulates the production of natural skin oils to improve skin health.

Punarnava is very beneficial for the skin. It helps balance the texture of the skin and prevents inflammation, rashes, allergies, and infections. This keeps your infant healthy and happy.

Eranda or Castor also penetrates deep into the skin layers nourishing all tissues. If you notice a glorious shine (an improved skin complexion) on your infant on using Shishu Poshaka Taila, it can be attributed to the power of eranda.

Karanja is one of the best overall skin enhancers. It prevents and cures dandruff in the scalp. It prevents all kinds of skin diseases including skin inflammation, cracking, rashes, itchiness and dry skin. It can be said as the best skin immunity booster for topical application.

Similarly, the other ingredients which power this medicated coconut oil branded as Shishu Poshaka Taila is also 100% naturally occurring herbs which nourish your infants with all goodness without causing them any harm in the long run.



Shishu Poshaka Taila protects and nourishes the baby’s skin. 

This medicinal oil can help prevent all skin problems and is also effective as scalp care.

Regular application of this oil helps improve the complexion of the baby’s skin.

It helps reduce dry skin due to climatic conditions, especially in the colder months.

Shishu Poshaka Taila is deeply penetrative oil and nourishes the tissues beneath the skin with the goodness of the herbs infused.

It helps cool the skin from the heat in hotter months.

It nourishes the hair and promotes hair growth

This Taila is effective in relieving itching, acne and other skin infections

It is also indicated to minor wounds and inflammations on the skin.

It can help heal cracked skin in infants.

An oil massage with Shishu Poshaka Taila followed by a warm water bath rejuvenates the baby.



Massage the oil gently on the skin and scalp of the baby.

Allow the oil to stay for 15-20 minutes

Then wash off with lukewarm warm and mild baby soap.



Store it in a cool dry place in room temperature away from sunlight


Read the label carefully before use

The oil provides enhanced effects if heated mildly before use.

This also helps reduce the impact of the cooling potency of the oil.



As a 100% herbal formula with coconut oil as the base, Shishu Poshaka Taila has no side effects.

If any allergic reaction is noticed stop usage and report to an ayurvedic doctor immediately.



Shishu Poshaka Taila is manufactured by SDM Ayurveda. They are an ISO certified company who are also certified for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Hence, this product is prepared hygienically in a clean and protected environment with quality materials.

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