Makaradhwaj and siddha makaradhwaj for rejuvenation

Western Scientists and Researchers have passed of our ancients sages as men in simple robes who are only interested in other worldly things. Then eventually they realized the science behind Ayurveda and appreciated the botanical knowledge of ancient Indians. But Ayurveda is not only about using indigenous plants and animal based products; this science is so complex that even today it baffles seekers. Ayurvedic preparations can even use minerals deposited under the earth, in stones and soil for the benefit of mankind. The mere fact that we could think of directly consuming minerals centuries before modern technology and sciences developed is testimony to the greatness of this land.

Makaradhwaj is one such formulation. It is prepared from dust of Mercury, Gold and Sulphur processed in Aloevera and Cottonseed extracts juice. The founding fathers of this formulation advocated it as a Saptadhatu nourisher and reliever of almost all illness. But because it is such a metal heavy formulation, it is rarely recommended as a standalone medicine. It is mostly used in micro-small dosages to enhance the effectiveness of other medicines. On other occasions, it is recommended with other adjuvants.

It is recommended to strictly consume this product only under medical supervision. The high chemical content including gold and red sulphide of mercury can be fatal even if slightly overdosed.



Siddha Makaradwaj has the same ingredients and preparation method as that of Makaradwaj. Its applications are also almost the same. It is more effective in certain cases because it has four times the gold content of Makaradwaj. 


Another enhanced version with add on ingredients like Kasthuri, Mukta Bhasma and more gold is these days called Siddha Makaradhwaj special and is used to treat male reproductive problems like impotency, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

Another version called Madhu Makaradhwaj is prepared by mixing one part normal Makaradhwaj in 25 parts honey. It is less toxic and more effective than normal Makardhwaj.


The minerals are purified and processed as per regulations laid down in ancient texts to make them safe for human consumption.

However, more research is required to scientifically prove the absence of toxicity in minerals.



Its antimicrobial properties stimulate androgenic and adaptogenic actions which help in enhanced immunity defense against invading infections and microbes.

It nourishes the nervous system and improves the functioning and flow of the nerves

It has powerful anti-aging properties and helps in restoring youthfulness.

It acts as an aphrodisiac and nourishes the Shukradhatu, thus is indicated in diseases related to the reproductive, excretory and procreative systems.

It is useful in treating diseases like fever and dyspepsia but might not be your doctor’s primary choice if all you have is a fever.

It is Cardio-protective and improves heart health.

It is indicated as a digestive stimulant and promotes digestion and metabolism.

In Ayurveda, this is considered a powerful tonic because the formula is inclusive of all 6 different tastes identified in Ayurveda. This combined with its ability to nourish all seven dhatus makes it a powerful tonic for immunity, rejuvenation and restoration.

Makaradwaj and its variants can be tailored for specific action on various organs with corresponding adjuvants.

It is very useful for hair health and prevents premature greying of the hair.

It is also useful in Pneumonia, Tuberculosis and Chronic cough

Makaradhwaj helps remove wrinkles in the skin

It is effective to cure Bradycardia, a condition characterized by slow heartbeats. It is also indicated for Cardiac Asthenia.

It helps fight weakness and general debility.

It balances the Tridosas.



This medicine should be taken only under strict medical supervision

Self-medication is strictly discouraged and can be fatal

It is not recommended for children, lactating mothers and pregnant women.

It is a strict no for people suffering from Chronic liver diseases.

If you are consuming any other medicines Ayurveda or allopathy, discuss with your doctor to know if this medicine can be consumed with it.

In case of allopathic medicines, it is best to consume it at least 30 minutes after consuming allopathic medicine.



It is best to consult your doctor for your personalized dosage of this medicine. Normally 125 mg of Makardhwaj with one teaspoon of honey, betel leaves juice or a glass of milk is recommended twice a day. click here to buy

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