Skin hates cosmetic products!

Right from my childhood, my skin hated all kinds of cosmetic products, the soap, the face wash, face packs, and makeup. It is sensitive and volatile. Even if I brush off a little bit of these products I get a burning sensation. So, when it comes to using anything on my skin I am very skeptical.

Nowadays, most of the skincare products contain a chemical base which irritates my skin. I even tried Natural homemade products. But it is time-consuming and storing them for longer use was a bit of an issue.

But finding genuinely “Natural” products in this century is as tough as getting a lost phone back. I tried a lot of products claiming that they are natural and “chemical-free” but none of them was up to the mark. Even one or two products left me with the same irritation that I once felt when I tried one of those chemical-based products.

So, now I was left with no hopes to try out another product and risk another chemical burn. Yet, I didn’t end my hunt of a genuine Natural product and was Googling every now and then for it. Fortunately, this brand BRIHATRI popped up and the reviews were quite good to convince me to give it a try. And I am glad, to say the least; I have finally found a brand that is genuinely Ayurvedic.

But the product that stole the show for me was the BRIHATRI Aloe Vera Gel. The formula is extracted from pure Aloe Vera and doesn’t have a very strong smell. I use it daily at night and it is quite effective in reducing dark spots and has a cooling effect on light headaches and eye strains as well. I also use it for minor burns caused during cooking and allergies during summertime.

With my little experiments, I found the best DIY that I can recommend. I use it with BRIHATRI Aloe vera Gel two spoonful, two teaspoons of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of honey. This works both as a cleanser and a face pack for normal skin type. This pack can also remove the dark patch in the underarms due to hair removal. Even after hair removal by wax or razor one can apply the gel, to avoid skin allergies or flushed skin with that burning sensation. This works as an amazing moisturizer for people suffering from dry and dark elbows and knees. Needless to say, the product has a permanent spot on my shelf and has become a go-to product for me and my family.

You too can try it for multiple uses to your skin. Get it from your nearest AyurCentral store or order it online. You can experiment and innovate new skincare recipes because it has zero side effects.

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