sri sri sudanta toothpaste FOR REFRESHING BREATH

Sudanta Toothpaste from Sri Sri Ayurveda is a complete oral panacea. It nourishes the teeth, gums and the entire oral region. This product is made from natural and herbal ingredients and is free of fluoride. It helps prevent all kinds of teeth and gum diseases. It improves the quality of breath and prevents bad breath to boost your confidence. Brushing your teeth with Sudanta Toothpaste is best for relief from a toothache, bleeding gums, bad breath and bad saliva secretion.

A great oral health is a 1st step towards a confident and happy living. A bad breath, a yellow tooth or a bleeding gum is all it takes to ruin your confidence. Toothaches can be really painful and disturbing. It will dampen your work-rate and cause sorrow. Brushing your teeth with any good toothpaste can prevent most of the illnesses that occur in the mouth but it is also important that your toothpaste itself doesn’t lead to diseases. Sudanta Toothpaste is 100% free from harmful chemicals hence causes no harm to your teeth, at the same time nourishes it and provides all necessary nutrients to keep it healthy and shining. It also rejuvenates the entire oral region in every use and the impact lasts for many hours.


Many studies have shown fluoride, a common ingredient in almost all leading toothpaste can cause a condition called dental fluorosis over long term use. This condition especially impacts children and is marked by extra white patches on the teeth on the teeth. This condition mostly occurs when fluoride gets into the gums. Finding toothpastes that are free of fluoride can be a daunting task.

Sri Sri Ayurveda comes to the rescue with their Sudanta Toothpaste which is 100% free of fluoride and is made from natural ingredients like Spanish cherry, Nutmeg, Black pepper and Cloves amongst other natural herbal ingredients.

In the age where every product has some amount of chemicals, Sudanta is a natural formula free of fluoride and chemicals for maintaining our Oral health.



Nutmeg is a major ingredient in Sudanta Toothpaste. Traditionally, Nutmeg also called Mayaphala is used for oral health because of its purifying and anti-microbial properties. Nutmeg also has properties to minimize bacteria like Streptococcus and Aggregatibacter which cause tooth decay and gum diseases.  The presence of such an anti-microbial ingredient powers Sudanta Toothpaste to protect the teeth and gums from all diseases caused by microbial activity.


Spanish cherry is indicated in dental caries, pyorrhea, tooth loosening, and bleeding gums. It is an astringent tasting fruit that is traditionally indicated for enhanced oral health.

Cloves are already widely used in many toothpastes. They are renowned for improving bad breath and reducing acidity. Sundanta Toothpaste is also powered by cloves for improving your breath and thus providing a refreshing feeling.

Black Pepper is another constant in Ayurvedic systems for cleaning the teeth. It is also used for its anti-microbial property which helps improve dental health.

Scientific studies have shown the efficacy of Cinnamon in keeping teeth and gums healthy. Cinnamon is renowned in ayurvedic systems to provide nourishment to the teeth at the same time to help alleviate bad breath. It also exhibits anti-microbial properties which also contribute to improved dental care.

Powered by such naturally occurring herbal ingredients Sudanta Toothpaste from Sri Sri Ayurveda is the best product to improve your oral health. It helps prevent all oral diseases and also provides relief from toothache bleeding gums and other complications.



Brushing your teeth twice a day with Sudanta Toothpaste prevents all kinds of tooth and gum diseases.

It is indicated to relieve toothaches, tooth decay and dental caries.

It is also effective in alleviating bad breath.

Sudanta toothpaste is also useful in bleeding gums and other gum complications.




100% Fluoride-free

100% Vegetarian

Made from Natural Ingredients

100% free of harmful chemicals



Sri Sri Ayurveda’s Sudanta Toothpaste can replace your regular toothpaste.

Brush two times a day with 1 to 2 grams of the toothpaste.

In case of toothaches, brush immediately for relief.


No side effects are reported for using this product.

It is free of fluoride and other harmful chemicals and hence is one of the best toothpaste in the market if one is looking for natural, side effects free toothpaste.

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