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Stresscom capsules

Stresscom capsules

Dabur Stresscom capsules is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine powered by ashwagandha used to counter stress and other mood-related disorders. It is prepared primarily from herbal ingredients mentioned in ancient ayurvedic texts for battling stress.

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Our modern lifestyles especially in our cities are designed to increase our stress levels. Most workspaces in India are toxic enough to keep its employees on their toes for most of the day. This results in stress. The overall spiritual quotient of the people of this country has also gone down. The lack of spiritual understanding amongst a majority of the people has resulted in poor perception of the world around them and this amplifies their problems in the mind. This process of thinking too much and blowing one’s problems out of proportion due to poor understanding is one of the primary root causes of stress in the country. Only if people could implement the words of the wise spiritual guru Gaur Gopal Das would there have been no requirement of Stresscom tablets. He said ‘If you have a problem and know how to solve it, why worry? If you have a problem and you do not know how to solve it? Then again why worry?’ To understand this quote one must have a good spiritual understanding of the world or must at least know or have faith in god. When all this is not and the only stress is present, it is best to opt for Dabur Stresscom.

Dabur Stresscom capsules are prepared after years of scientific research by the teams in Dabur India. These tablets are prepared using ingredients in ancient ayurvedic literature like ashwagandha. The manufacturer claims to use the best quality of ashwagandha in preparing this medicine. It offers relief from stress, anxiety and depression. These capsules contain bio-active components which stabilize the mood and prevent unnecessary hyperactivity in the mind. It also relieves mood disorders and modulates the immunity system. Like most ayurvedic medicines Stresscom tablets have a direct application and also restore balance in the body.


The primary function of Stresscom tablets from Dabur is to combat stress. These tablets regulate blood flow and contain the release of stress-inducing chemicals in the brain thus help in preventing and minimizing stress. They also promote a clear and relaxed mind which improves productivity at workspaces. Stresscom helps limit hyperactivity in the mind which is one of the primary reasons for stress. So if you are always stressed, confused and are prone to other diseases which occur due to stress, it is time to grab a Stresscom. High levels of stress also result in the weakening of the immune system. Stresscom tablets not only help relieve stress but powered by sapthadhatu nourishers like ashwagandha, they also help improve the overall immunity of the body.

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Dabur Stresscom capsules are also highly effective in relieving anxiety. Many people do not understand the difference between anxiety and stress. Stress is a mental state which leads to physical symptoms caused by an external trigger. For example, pressure at work can cause stress. In children, not doing their homework can cause stress. It leads to symptoms like fatigue, digestive issues, irritability and so on. Anxiety has identical physical symptoms of stress but the thing is it can occur without an external trigger and is more prolonged. This prolonged state of confusion and sadness can also be improved to a more positive one by consuming Stresscom capsules and topping that up with some counselling and guided meditation. Stresscom capsules have bioactive components which reduce the release of anxiety-inducing chemicals in the brain. This helps in improving the condition.


The lines between stress, anxiety and depression are always blurred and on most occasions, one leads to another. Depression is an extreme mental state where the baggage in the mind hampers one’s daily activities. Depression prevents one from being able to carry out his daily activities. Stresscom tablets can help battle depression and regular consumption when coupled with yoga, meditation and counselling can help in significantly improving the condition.


Stresscom capsules are a direct action medicine for stress, anxiety and depression. It is strictly advisable to consume this tablet only at the recommendations of an ayurvedic physician.

It is normally recommended to consume one tablet once a day for a period of one month to overcome the condition.

It is highly recommended to have counselling sessions and yoga cum meditation sessions as adjuvant therapy alongside this medicine.


This medicine is prepared largely from herbal ingredients and is safe for most people including pregnant women and lactating mothers.

No adverse side effects are reported so far for consuming these capsules in prescribed doses. It is highly recommended no to overdose on this medicine.


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