Organic India offers Tulsi Lax, a powerful herbal infusion bag with ingredients lifted from ancient ayurvedic and Siddha texts for improving immunity and at the same time helping ease bowel movement. This ayurvedic product is prepared by a mixture of three varieties of tulsi, peppermint, spearmint, licorice extracts and senna or Swarna Mukhi leaf extracts. This blend of unique herbal ingredients nourishes the digestive and immune response systems in the body and doubles up as a powerful laxative. This product is prepared exclusively from hygienically dried and organically cultivated herbs that are completely free from artificial flavors, toxic chemicals, and preservatives.


The primary ingredient in Tulsi Lax is tulsi. Tulsi is one of the highest-rated herbs for improving immunity. It helps relieve the common cold and cough. It helps improve digestion and metabolism. It is rich in nutrients like vitamin C, D, and K and also in minerals like phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Tulsi nourishes the lymphocytes and cytokines which help fight microbial diseases. Scientific studies have shown favorable results in preliminary studies while testing the efficacy of tulsi to help relieve covid-19 disease. Clinical studies to prove the same are not complete at the time of writing. Tulsi has strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties thus help in relieving inflammations caused in the lungs during flu or other viral respiratory diseases. Tulsi also improves breathe and its anti-microbial properties help in eliminating the germs in the respiratory passages.

Tulsi of three varieties is present in Organic India’s Tulsi Lax. All three largely have identical medicinal properties with variations in certain areas. Krishna Tulsi and Rama Tulsi are best for relieving common cold and dry coughs. They help in the elimination of excess mucus deposited in the lungs. Vana Tulsi enhances immunity and nourishes cytokines.

Spearmint or Pudhina is another major ingredient in Tulsi Lax. It is renowned for its anti-microbial properties and in its ability to relieve the common cold. This herb is widely used in Ayurveda to treat indigestion. Pudhina’s best qualities are to improve digestion and metabolism. It helps eliminate ama or the undigested food residue in the body. Pudhina is also a powerful laxative. It helps relieve gastritis and other digestive disorders. Organically harvested pudhina is used in Tulsi Lax.

Peppermint and Licorice are the other ingredients in this ayurvedic composition. Both these herbs are anti-microbial and can offer protection from viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases. Peppermint helps relieve common cold and dry cough. It also has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Licorice helps improve metabolism and digestion. It is kind to diabetic patients and can also help in reducing excess fat, carbs, and cholesterol in the body. Licorice also helps eliminate the undigested food residue in the body.

These indigenous herbs are blended in the ideal proportion to deliver the promised benefits in Tulsi Lax.


Tulsi Lax helps improve bowel movements. It is best to consume this product at night before bed or in the morning as soon as your wake up for a gentle and easy bowel movement. The company promises results in 8-12 hours.

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Tulsi Lax is powered by three types of tulsi plants and hence can act as a powerful immunity booster.

It can help relieve the common cold and cough.

It is powered by herbs like pudhina and licorice and this makes it a powerful digestion enhancer.

Tulsi Lax drink can also help improve nutrition absorption in the body.

It is useful in preventing and relieving a variety of respiratory diseases.

It improves mood and relieves stress.


Organic India’s Tulsi Lax is 100% caffeine-free. This makes it the best alternative to your morning tea. It is also prepared exclusively from organically cultivated herbs. This act by Organic India shows that the company only wants to give the best of products to its customers. Click here to buy 

Tulsi Lax package contains 25 infusion bags. These bags are completely free from bleach and staples. They are prepared from degradable fiber to ensure there are no harmful substances get mixed when infused in hot water.


Tulsi Lax is very easy to prepare compared to your morning tea or coffee. All you have to do is immerse the infusion bags in 200-300 ml of warm water for five minutes. Then remove the infusion bag and consume your warm and healthy drink. It also is tasty and has a mood-boosting aura due to the herbal ingredients. Add sugar to taste if desired.


It is advisable to consume a Tulsi Lax drink at night before going to bed for a gentle and easy bowel in the morning. It can also be had in the morning for your bed coffee/tea. 

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