Organic India’s Tulsi Mulethi tea is a powerful blend of three ayurvedic herbal ingredients namely tulsi, licorice, and peppermint. The combination makes it one of the most powerful immunity-boosting teas on the market. A daily dose of this herbal tea can help one lead a disease-free life. This herbal tea can also refresh and soothe our minds and provide a relaxed mood. So if you are a person who is looking to boost your immunity but will also love some mental peace and aren’t ready to work hard for it, this is the product tailor-made for you.


Tulsi Mulethi tea is 100% free from caffeine. Caffeine is a natural stimulant present in your normal tea and coffee. It helps stimulate the brain and makes you active but can also cause confusion, anxiety, and depression. Caffeine reduces the risk of oral cancer but it raises your heartbeat, causes heartburn, and might even lead to muscle and bone aches. Too much caffeine can also lead to infertility. Despite these negative effects, we are ready to consume caffeine for its one or two short-term positive effects.

The advantage of Organic India’s Tulsi Mulethi is it offers all the positive effects of caffeine from alternative herbal ingredients and being 100% free of caffeine it keeps you safe from its adverse side effects. Tulsi Mulethi tea can also stimulate your brain and elevate your mood but it will not cause any problems in your heart. It will not cause infertility. Its powerful immunity boosters will only protect you from such diseases.

So say no to your caffeinated coffee/tea and welcome your herbal positivity spreading Tulsi Mulethi tea from Organic India.


Another problem with many herbal products in the market is they fail to mention the quality of the herbs used. Consumers must understand that the nutrients in a plant will depend on how it is cultivated. Many ayurvedic products claim to use herbal ingredients but what if that herb was a genetically modified plant? What if they were cultivated using high levels of chemical fertilizers? It is true even in that case, the herbs will still possess some healing qualities but the ones that are cultivated organically by using natural fertilizers and manure will be much better for one’s health, will possess a better aura, and might also taste better.

All herbal ingredients used in Organic India’s Tulsi Mulethi tea are cultivated organically with zero chemical and fertilizer inputs. The United States Department of Agriculture has certified this product for not containing any genetically modified herbal ingredients (NON-GMO). This makes the products from Organic India one of the best for long-term continuous consumption and better health.  Click here to buy Organic India products from Ayurcentral at competitive prices.

Even the infused bags are 100% made of unbleached and degradable fibers. The packing is 30% recyclable post usage and is made 100% from recycled content in the first place.


Tulsi Mulethi tea can help boost immunity powered by licorice, tulsi, and peppermint.

It has powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-protozoal properties.

It helps in preventing serious respiratory diseases.

It nourishes and improves the functioning of cells which help fight invading viruses and bacteria.

It enhances the mood and can help in the relaxation of the mind.

It relieves stress, anxiety, and depression by elevating the mood with its herbal fragrance and aura.

Tulsi Mulethi tea is powered by one of the most sacred herbs in Ayurveda and can help improve one’s spiritual quotient.

It can help improve digestion and metabolism.

It helps relieve inflammation in the internal organs thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the herbal ingredients.

It can help cure a common cold and cough.

It relieves sore throat and dry cough.

Mulethi helps keep the liver healthy, treat skin disorders, and control cholesterol.

A cup of warm Tulsi Mulethi tea can help in immediate recovery from fatigue and tiredness.

It stimulates the brain and makes one active.

So with so many benefits, it is time to start your day with Organic India’s Tulsi Mulethi!


Infuse one bag of Tulsi Mulethi in 200 ml of warm water for 3-5 minutes. Remove the bag and consume it warm for best results.

It is best to have this product in the morning as soon as your wake up in an empty stomach. You can have it whenever you feel tired to get instant energy. Having it 2-3 times a day improves immunity.

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