Fungi are everywhere, everywhere around us. We constantly interact with the world of micro-organisms, some offers benefits and some causes harm. But how to fight these when you can’t even see or feel the tiny foe.

Fungal infections are infections of the skin, hair or any part of the body caused by a variety of fungi like ringworm, tinea, athlete’s foot. Modern sciences have designed many ointments and medicines to treat these infections, but they are hardly able to combat their chance of reoccurrence. This necessitates the need to find a simple, effective, and safe method for the treatment of fungal infections. Ayurveda offers nature’s formulations to treat these issues with ease and comfort. 

Tuvaraka Taila for fungal infections

Tuvaraka Taila is the potential healer for all types of fungal infections. It is an amazing Ayurvedic Oil widely used for the treatment of Psoriasis and Pityriasis rosea. It is highly effective in relieving scaly eruptions, rashes, itching, patches, swollen spots etc. It is also beneficial in treating chronic skin diseases like eczema, ringworm and scabies, even those of syphilitic origin.

Pityriasis rosea

Pityriasis rosea is a common skin problem which is likely to be caused by a virus. Pityriasis rosea is characterized by a large, raised, scaly patch or a rash on the back, chest or abdomen. It is non-communicable and do not spread from person to person. Some people experience headache, fatigue, fever or sore throat. 

Tuvaraka Taila is particularly administered in the treatment of Pityriasis rosea. It soothes the symptoms of Pityriasis rosea, cures the infection and forbids its recurrence.

Research Study on Efficacy of Tuvaraka Taila 

Tuvaraka is one of the most trusted drugs from the treasure of Ayurveda. A clinical study concluded that Tuvaraka oil has shown promising results at relieving inflammation, and stopping the oozing and burning or other pain and itchiness related to fungal infections. 

Another research has revealed that Tuvaraka taila is effective on various skin forums for the following conditions like Acne, Psoriasis and Rosacea type skin problems. These studies have collectively proved that Tuvaraka taila has encouraging therapeutic efficacy in treating infections when judiciously used.



Tuvaraka Tailam uses:

It is used in treating all types of skin diseases.

Tuvaraka oil is a potent healer of ring worm infestation, dermatitis, Pityriasis rosea, eczema and psoriasis.

It also helps in relieving frequent urination.

How to use Tuvaraka Taila?

Tuvaraka oil can be used for both internal and external application.

For external application, it can be applied over the affected part of skin.

For internal administration 5 – 10 drops of the oil can be taken orally twice a day, before food, with warm water, or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.

It is applied over bladder area for frequent urine problems.

How to Apply?

The oil forms a thicky compose and it is best applied after bathing as the absorption is much better when pores are open in wet or damp skin. Because of its thickness, the oil may be diluted by mixing it with coconut oil. Tuvaraka is gentle on the skin and it doesn’t clog the pores.

Tuvaraka Taila side effects:

External administration of this oil has no reported side effects. 

But for oral intake, this medicine should be taken only under medical supervision.

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