You are already Beautiful

You are already Beautiful

Being in the public eye is everyone’s dream but that also comes with its own bit of bitter dose. I have been a lawyer for the past three decades now and thirty years of fighting crime and vouching for judgement has definitely added my name in quite a few eminent lists of my town.

But as my fame grew leaps and bounds with my growing age, my glamour stated to fade and my skin became dead. A healthy glowing skin not just accentuates the look of a person but it also adds a bit of persona to them. And being a public servant and a people’s person that bit of good looks is always necessary.

While fine lines and wrinkles started to wade my face, pigmentation and dark spots casted a curse. My ageing skin almost became the center of my being with every other person commenting and advising on the same. It became so overwhelming that at one point all I could see no further than my not-so-perfect face.

I started medication and cosmetics, probably spent thousands of rupees in the high claim products and tried every other hack from the books. But with my busy schedule and over burdening work, I always failed t  o do the home remedies for as long as it was recommended.

As time passed the skin worsened further and the added chemicals caused more damage than good. I was almost devastated failing to find my way back to my skin that I once wore. Finally, looking at my dismay and over compulsion my daughter told me that what if God decides to give you the skin of your twenties and asks your position and stature in the society. Will you give everything up?

I thought for a moment and of course my answer was no. Then she gently said, “You already have all that you want. You are already enough and you don’t need any cosmetics or laser surgery to tell people that you are beautiful.”

With that she took away all my cosmetics and asked me to use just the basic Moisturizing lotion from Brihatri. It’s a natural Ayurvedic product that’s gentle on the skin and offers necessary protection to the skin.

Gladly, after one year of use my skin has improved, my complexion, pigmentation, texture and overall radiance has witnessed a shift. Finally, I got my prayers answered when I stopped stressing and rushing for it.

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