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Zandu tulsi drops: ayurvedic medicine for enhanced immunity and protection from all kinds of infectious diseases

Zandu tulsi drops

Zandu Tulsi Drops is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine from Zandu Ayurveda prepared from the best quality Tulsi leaves also known as the holy basil for enhanced immunity and protection from infectious diseases.

This medicine is made available in form of a concentrate extracted by cold pressing or crushing the Tulsi leaves with just enough water for moisture. This product is prepared exclusively from Tulsi and contains no added preservatives or flavoring substances.

Tulsi is considered a holy plant in India. It is also known as holy basil in English probably because the Indians held this plant with such sanctity.

Tulsi can also enhance the spiritual quotient and orientation apart from offering its medicinal benefits. On the psychological side, it can also act as a stress reliever and an anti-depressant.

So with benefits on the spiritual, psychological, and physical side Tulsi is the best herb in India.

In ancient times every house had a Tulsi plant in India. Today, that is not the case. It has become increasingly difficult to sight any plants forget Tulsi in Indian homes. Zandu Tulsi drops offers relief by bringing the same benefits of Tulsi packed in a bottle to our kitchen shelf!

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Tulsi is high in Vitamins A, C, and K, as well as minerals such as Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, and Zinc, making it a natural immune booster. It is also high in protein and fiber.

T helper cells and natural killer (NK) cells, the primary fighters in our immune system, benefit from Tulsi extracts, which implies that the speed with which our immune system reacts will be increased.

Tulsi cleanses the body. Its diuretic properties reduce uric acid levels in the body, providing relief to gout sufferers. Tulsi contains occimunocides A and B, which reduce stress and regulate happiness by producing serotonin and dopamine in the brain.

Eugenol, a pain-alleviating ingredient in Tulsi, also acts as a pain reliever in the body. Tulsi is quite efficient in treating respiratory diseases such as coughs and colds. It aids in the relief of chest congestion. Bronchitis and asthma can be effectively treated with Tulsi extracts combined with honey and ginger.


Zandu Tulsi drops helps in preventing many kinds of viral infections.

Tulsi drops are a powerful respiratory tonic and help promote healthy respiratory functions.

It has hepatoprotective properties, helps prevent liver disorders, and promotes healthy liver functioning.

Zandu Tulsi drops boost digestion and promote healthy gut function.

It provides relief from the common cold and cough.

It offers protection from influenza-like diseases.

Zandu Tulsi drops possess potent anti-inflammatory properties.

They might also contain antioxidants that enhance the efficacy of pathogen fighting cells like Nk cells and T helper cells.

 They also possess potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-protozoal properties.

Zandu Tulsi drops are an overall immunity booster that acts as a complete rejuvenator of the body.


The ingredients used in Zandu Tulsi drops are completely free from genetically modified organisms.

This herbal concentrate is prepared exclusively from Tulsi extracts and water and contains no preservatives. Many other brands which offer Tulsi drops add preservatives that alter the efficacy of the product, unlike Zandu.

This is a 100% pure vegetarian and vegan preparation that contains no animal product and caused no harm to any animals in the manufacturing process.

The product comes with the natural color of the concentrate and has no added colors.

No artificial flavoring substances are added to enhance the taste or flavor of this medicine.

Zandu Tulsi drops are prepared from the best quality ingredients for the best quality product.


It is recommended to add 5 to 10 drops of Zandu Tulsi Drops in 100 ml of water for enhanced immunity and protection from diseases.

Consult an ayurvedic physician to get your personalized dosage with respect to your dosha karmas and gunas

Zandu Tulsi drops can also be added to your green tea, black tea, lemon tea, or other drinks to enhance the taste, aroma and health benefits of that drink.

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Zandu Tulsi drops are generally safe for all groups of people in limited recommended doses for a period of up to 3 months. You shall verify with your ayurvedic doctor for your satisfaction.

This medicine can be had year-round but a gap of 15 days after continuous usage of 3 months is recommended for all ayurvedic medicines by the ayurvedic doctors themselves.


This is a pure herbal preparation and no side effects are reported so far for consuming this product.


Zandu Tulsi Drops are available in our store. Whatsapp us at 8884333462 to buy!

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