Acne vulgaris is regarded as one of the most prevalent diseases of human.  It has 85% of prevalence rate among teenagers. Although adolescents are highly exposed to this disease, adults also suffer from this skin disease. Every year, there is a growing outpatient visit to physicians, contributing to over 1 billion costs to acne treatment. That’s not all. Patients spend as much as $100 million on non-prescription acne medicine. Among so many precursors triggering the eruption of this skin disease, chocolate is leading down the lane based on different perceptions.

Is chocolate really a culprit to occur acne to adults?

There is a common myth among people that chocolate causes acne. How much truth does it have for acne eruption? As though it is research- based, there are mixed responses on the whole concept. Some research studies say, it may be due to chocolate, while others say maybe not.

As with causes of acne, there are different factors. But, dietary contribution is believed to be one of the leading causes. There are no enough evidence to prove how diet affects the growth of acne among teenagers and adults. But, a high level of glycemic diet is linked to foster the growth of acne and worsen their conditions. A glycemic diet has different food types such as processed breads and snacks, sugars and refined carbohydrates including sugary drinks- they all add to the worsening of acne. So, if you have acne prone skin, you should think twice to go for this food list.

Reasons Why Glycemic Diet Adds To Acne

There is a proneness of insulin growth for glycemic foods causing a spike in blood level. As a result, it triggers the growth of androgens as well as sebum production. Sebum is a greasy component that helps keep skin moistened. With the production of excessive sebum, oil particles come in contact with the dead skin cells and get trapped in the pores. This results in the occurrences of whiteheads, blackheads and pimples.

Until this, we should not crave for glycemic diets to avoid spikes in insulin. However, we should pay heed to the chocolate factors as well. In reality, there is a connection between chocolate and skin irritations among adults. It is usual for children to have aggravated acne conditions in their adulthood if they have a strong craving for chocolate candies. In addition, their cravings for sugar and carbohydrate rich foods may cause blood sugar and insulin spikes. Chances are you are likely to suffer from acne due to junk foods and not for chocolate.


Since an average number of kids eat a small amount of chocolate or some dressings in their ice-cream, chocolate has less effect on acne growth.

Evolving studies on chocolate and acne

Retrospective studies dodged any relation between chocolate and acne. But, some latest studies associated links with chocolates. In a report conducted among participants with jelly beans and chocolate, it found that chocolate added to five more pimples. Chocolate manufacturers themselves confessed of a contributing factor.

General awareness is a key. If you realize any trigger from any food, stop it. It is better you keep it simple and balanced.

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