Say goodbye to body-ache and skeleto-muscular pains with Amrita flex oil

Amrita flex oilAmrita Drugs Pvt. Ltd has come up with effective pain relief oil medicated with the extracts from the most powerful pain-relieving herbs mentioned in ayurvedic literature.

Hardly any of us will get through our lives without experiencing body pains in one form or the other. Flex oil powered by potent ayurvedic herbs from Amrita Drugs is a one-stop solution to all kinds of body pain.

Amrita flex oil

Amrita flex oil prepared from many ayurvedic ingredients like Longleaf Indian Pine extracts, Eucalyptus oil, Devadaru taila, Thymol seed extracts, Camphor extracts, Wintergreen oil and Pudhina extracts.

All these ingredients are renowned for their pain-relieving and soothing properties. Amrita Flex oil is a penetrative oil. It easily penetrates the pores in the skin and nourishes the inner muscles, bones, and tendons. It soothes the tissues and offers relief from pains that occur due to stress, injury and sprain.

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Flex oil can help relax and release stiffness in the joints. Spending long hours in front of the screen in modern workspaces can cause stiffness in the joints.

This is compounded by the air-conditioned environment. Stiffness can occur in the elbows, knees, arms, thighs and neck due to poor blood circulation or muscle sour.

Stiffness can also occur due to arthritis and old age. All you have to do is apply Amrita Flex oil to the affected area and keep it for a few hours. It can have a better impact if the area is massaged thoroughly with Flex oil.

This herbal-powered oil can offer significant relief from stiffness and ease the joints.

Flex oil is loaded with muscle relaxing ingredients like camphor and eucalyptus oil. For improving blood circulation there is devadaru thaila and other herbal ingredients. So stiffness is no longer your worry with Amrita Flex oil.


Arthritis is the age-related swelling of the joints. It is characterized by pain and swelling in the tendons of the joints. Depending upon the symptoms and area of impact there are many types of arthritis.

The most common types are Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis is an extreme and chronic condition many of the joints including the ones in the hands and feet wear down at the same time.

Flex oil is a potent fix to this condition. If applied and gently spread over the affected area, this oil can relieve pain and help ease the condition.

Osteoarthritis is characterized by wearing down on tendons in the joints which causes pain. Amrita Flex oil can help in managing the symptoms of osteoarthritis.


Spondylosis is the age-related wear and tear of the spinal discs. This deterioration of spinal bones starts around the age of 35.

As a result of our poor lifestyles, the age for spondylosis is going down and the impact is worsening especially in urban India. Spondylosis can cause severe pain in the spine.

Amrita Flex oil is not a cure for this condition but it can help relieve pain which is the most distressing part of this disorder. Apply and spread the oil gently in the spine. Do not massage.

The powerful pain-relieving herbal ingredients can help in pain management during spondylosis. This oil can also relieve spinal pain which occurs due to long bike drives and bad postures


Amrita Flex oil has the potency to relieve pain that occurs after a hard workout or sports match. This is the go-to oil to get pain relief for football players who have ‘given it their all’ on the pitch.

This is also the best herbal massaging oil for those gym bugs ‘who have crossed their limit’ a little bit in the gym resulting in muscle pains. Flex oil is soothing and offers complete relief from all such pains.

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Flex oil can be massaged on the forehead and on the sides of the forehead for relief from stress. It is the herbal formulation and is safe for daily use as stress relief oil.

It can also be applied on the hairs and massage for stress relief. Say goodbye to your work stress as soon as you reach home with Amrita Flex oil.

It is also recommended for headaches, frozen shoulders and for muscle spasms.

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SIDE EFFECTS Of  Amrita flex oil

  • There are no side effects reported for using this product.


  • Amrita Flex oil contains paraben.
  • Do not use it on open cuts and wounds. Do not consume it orally.


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