Pithanil Capsules powered by Bhumiamalaki and Bringa are an ayurvedic medicine prepared by Medlink laboratories for treating Liver disorders and for preventing jaundice.

Liver diseases on most occasions are irreversible by allopathic medicine. The medications for treating the disease are sparse and almost always manage to pull the family to below poverty. The highest allopathic cure for liver cirrhosis is a ‘liver transplant’ surgery. This is highly expensive in private hospitals in India and it is even more difficult to find a donor who is willing to spare a portion of his liver. There has always been a demand for an ayurvedic medicine that is not very expensive and at the same time has the potential to help in the management of Liver disorders like fatty liver and liver cirrhosis. Our ancient ayurvedic and Siddha seers have counted on a certain set of herbs headed by Bhumiamalaki or Keezharnelli to treat liver-related diseases. Liver disorders occur due to aggravation of pitta according to Ayurveda.

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Pithanil Capsules are prepared by Medlink laboratories with the best ayurvedic herbs which help in the detoxification and nourishment of the liver. These capsules help in the overall nourishment of the liver eliminates the toxins stored in the liver and might also help in the regeneration of liver cells. It might not have the potential to reverse later stages of liver cirrhosis but Pithanil capsules can definitely help in the reversal of early stages of liver disorders. It can also help in preventing conditions like jaundice which accompany liver disorders and worsens our health condition. Pithanil capsules are highly effective in slowing the spread of cirrhosis which helps improve one’s lifespan.

These capsules are completely free from chemicals and artificial ingredients making them relatively safe for long-term use. Pithanil might be amongst the best hepato-protective ayurvedic medicine available in the market.

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Pithanil capsules are powered by powerful herbs like Bhumiamalaki and Bringa make a combined 60% of the composition. Tulsi, Gokshura, Kasmarda, and Peppers are the other ingredients that make up this powerful hepatoprotective medicine.

Bhumiamalaki is the best hepato-protective herb in Ayurveda and Siddha literature. It is also highly recommended even by some allopathic practitioners for preventing jaundice. A study published in ‘Hindawi Journal for Evidence-Based Complementary Medicine’ titled “Protective Role of Phyllanthus niruri Extract against Thioacetamide-Induced Liver Cirrhosis in Rat Model” has observed significant improvements in rats with liver cirrhosis when treated with the extracts of Bhumiamalaki.

Bringa herb is best known for its property to improve hair health. The truth is, it is as effective in improving liver as in improving hair health. Bringa promotes cell regeneration. This helps in slowing down cirrhosis and in healthy individuals prevents the deterioration of the liver. Liver Cirrhosis happens when dead liver cells are not replaced by new ones. Bringa helps in the regeneration of liver cells thus preventing liver degradation and hepato-encephalopathy.

Tulsi is a powerful detoxifier and immunity booster. Two types of peppers are used in this preparation. Piper longum and maricha are useful in preventing and in curing jaundice.

These are some of the powerful ingredients used to make Pithanil capsules.


Pithanil Capsules are most recommended to treat Liver Cirrhosis

It is equally efficient in treating both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

These capsules are recommended to help prevent Jaundice which occurs due to liver cirrhosis.

It might help as an adjuvant for managing Alcoholic Hepatitis.  Click here to read more about treatment for Alcoholic Hepatitis.

Pithanil is at times recommended to treat nausea and vomiting

They are also indicated for loose stools

These herbal capsules can help relieve burning sensations.

This medicine pacifies pitta dosa

It is recommended by some ayurvedic doctors for a host of other conditions as an adjuvant including headaches and sour/pungent taste in the mouth (which mostly occurs due to pitta aggravation).


It is highly recommended to consume this medicine only at the advice of an ayurvedic physician.

It is an action-oriented drug and consumption without regulation is not recommended.

Generally one capsule at a time three times a day is recommended to prevent jaundice and manage liver disorders.


No side effects are reported for consuming this product.

This is an herbal medicine prepared from the highest-rated herbs in Ayurveda. It is manufactured in a hygienic environment without compromising the recommend ayurvedic guidelines. This medicine is safe to consume in recommended doses under the regular supervision of an ayurvedic doctor.


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