Anagen grow serum

Anagen grow serum

Anagen Grow Unique Serum is a hair gel designed by Dr.JRK Research and Pharmaceuticals private limited. It is prepared with extracts acquired from ingredients highest rated in Ayurveda for hair and scalp care. Anagen Grow helps prevent hair fall by nourishing the scalp with the necessary nutrients. It has shown the potential to improve the pace of hair growth, prevent and reduce hair fall and also in reversing hair fall. Anagen Grow can also reduce hair breakage and nourish damaged hair. It is complete hair and scalp care designed scientifically from ayurvedic ingredients making it the product which offers the best in two worlds.

Hair fall is a pandemic. Across the globe in every village and town there are people who suffer from hair fall and damage. The reason for hair fall can vary from improper and nutrient deficit diet to genetics and maintenance. Irrespective of the root cause of hair fall Anagen Grow helps improve the condition and promotes a healthy, shiny and strong hair.

This hair fall solution gel is prepared from herbs mentioned in the ancient ayurvedic texts as a remedy for hair and scalp problems. Many of these herbs have a 5000 years legacy in helping humanity cope up with hair fall and scalp care.

This unique formula prepared with extracts from Indian Gooseberry, Curry leaves, Henna, Indigo, Hibiscus and False daisy in gel base is clinically proven for efficacy in reducing hair fall and improving the speed of hair growth. The manufacturer’s website gives details of studies which claim a 30% faster hair growth in just seven days amongst subjects who used Anagen Grow. Studies have also proven this gel’s efficacy in treating hair damage due to exposure to chemicals and also improve protein synthesis in the scalp.


Amla is the primary ingredient in Anagen Grow hair serum. Epigallo catechin 3 gallete (EGGG) present in amla provides moisture to the shaft and in this in turn increases the time frame of the growing phase of the hair. Amla also has the potential to protect hair from heat and photo-damage. It strengthens the hair follicles by nourishing them holistically and thus helps reverse hair thinning. Amla is the best medicine to prevent and slow down premature graying. It is a great source of calcium which strengthens hair and scalp. Amla is a standalone hair and scalp care herb and it is no surprise that it has made its way to be the first name in the ingredient list of Anagen Grow.

Henna is another major ingredient in Anagen Grow serum. It is the best medicine to improve hair color. It promotes a thick, shiny hair with a darker texture and thus helps in premature greying. It also has nutrients to nourish the scalp and promote hair growth

Curry leaves have been used in traditional medical systems for centuries as a promoter of hair growth. It is one of the most commonly used household treatments for hair care in Indian homes. Curry leaves have anti-microbial properties and helps reduce microbial activity in the hair. This helps in case of dandruff caused by fungal activities which also at times becomes the reason for hair fall. Curry leaves are primarily used to improve texture of the hair. It helps slow down graying of the hair. It nourishes the hair roots when infused in an anupana like Anagen Grow gel base and promotes the growth of thick, smooth and strong hair.

Hibiscus plant extracts are used in Ayurveda as the best hair cleansers. They are a major ingredient in herbal powders because of their cleansing properties. Hibiscus also nourishes the scalp and prevents the dying of hair follicles. This helps in preventing baldness. It is the best nourishment in case of receding hairlines. 

Indigo plant extracts are used in Anagen Grow serum to help reverse premature graying. If you ever felt your salt and pepper looks cannot be reversed, indigo extracts is your best bet.

No ayurvedic formula for hair fall is complete with false daisy or Bringaraj. This herb native to the Indian subcontinent has been used for 5000 years in Indian medical systems to improve hair and scalp health. Extracts from this herb can be used to treat all kinds of problem in the hair and scalp. Be it premature graying, hair fall, hair damage, receding hairline, baldness, hair thinning and what not! Bringaraj is a one stop solution to all problems in the hair. There are testimonies available where oils enhanced with bringa have helped prevent male pattern baldness which is generally considered untreatable in allopathy.

Anagen Grow is prepared by extracting nutrients from these ayurvedic herbs and infusing them in a gel base. The high concentration and power of these herbal extracts make Anagen Grow a highly efficient hair care treatment.


Hair fall

Premature Graying


Receding Hairline

Hair damage and breakage

Hair thinning

Hair and Scalp nourishment


Spread Anagen Grow serum around the scalp thoroughly and evenly. Do this regularly one or two times a day for a few weeks to observe mind blowing results.


There are no side effects observed for using this product.

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