Say goodbye to premature greying and hair fall with Nuzen gold ayurvedic hair oil

Nuzen gold ayurvedic  hair oil

Nuzen gold Ayurvedic  hair oil

Nuzen gold ayurvedic hair oil is not another hair care product with a hollow promise. It is designed scientifically with ayurvedic ingredients and zero added chemicals to improve hair health and prevent dandruff. Nuzen gold ayurvedic hair oil helps grow thick, long, and strong hair. It is prepared by an amalgamation of exotic ayurvedic hair care ingredients like the hibiscus flower, hibiscus plant extracts, bhringaraja plant extracts, amla extracts, coconut extracts, lemon, and almond extracts. It is prepared with a coconut oil base. Coconut oil is a standalone hair and scalp nourishment and is also an excellent penetrative carrier oil that helps take the nutrients in this oil to the root of the hair for enhanced nourishment.


Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil is a very beneficial hair oil. It provides the necessary protein to nourish the scalp, improve hair growth and prevent dandruff.

Amla: Indian Gooseberry or Amla is one of the most powerful immunity-boosting fruits in Ayurveda. It is a saptadhatu nourisher and helps balance the tridoshas. Amla is rich in many vitamins which help in cell regeneration. This is important to replace the normal shedding of hairs with new ones daily. This enhanced regeneration of lost hair helps prevent baldness.

Bringaraj: Bringa is the highest-rated hair care herb in Ayurveda. Most leading ayurvedic hair oils include brings as a major ingredient. Nuzen gold ayurvedic hair oil has a significantly higher concentration of bring a extracts in comparison to many other leading hair oils.

Hibiscus: Hibiscus flower extracts in this oil help giving a softer and silkier feel to the hair. It improves the texture and gives shine to the hair.

Lemon: Extracts from Lemon help combating dandruff. Bringa and Lemon are the best anti-dandruff ingredients in Ayurveda. Nuzen gold ayurvedic hair oil is rich in lemon extracts for a dandruff free life.

Almond: Almond is also a powerful hair tonic. It is rich in anti-oxidants and possess all nutrients necessary for a nourishing hair and scalp.

BENEFITS  Of Nuzen gold ayurvedic  hair oil

Nuzen Herbal hair oil is amongst the best hair oils in the market to improve overall hair and scalp health. It holistically nourishes the scalp and is loaded with all necessary nutrients to promote a healthy scalp and hair.

It helps reduce hair fall. Nuzen Gold Herbal hair oil is efficient in slowing male pattern baldness and other genetics induced hair fall in both men and women.

Product tests have shown Nuzen Gold hair oil to possess the ability to regenerate new hairs in bald patches.

It helps thicken individual hair strands thus improving hair health.

It helps in eliminating split ends.

It strengthens hair roots.

On regular use, it helps remove dandruff and prevents it from coming back thanks to the presence of anti-dandruff ingredients like lemon extracts and bringaraj.

This oil is better than your hair gel to help you be fashion ready. It helps softens the hair which gives us the opportunity to comb and style our hair according to our desires.


Apply the oil thoroughly on the scalp and hairs. Keep it for at least one hour before washing it off.

This product can also be used as regular combing oil and does not cause any harm if left for a long period on the scalp. It can only benefit.

Apply the hair oil daily for best results.

It is beneficial for all types of people irrespective of the age, gender and pre-existing medical condition.

This is for external use only.

As a precautionary measure, it is advisable to consult an ayurvedic physician if you have scalp infections.


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