In ancient India, yagnas were conducted to disinfect the area and to purify the atmosphere. Certain selected herbs were used as per the requirements of the yagna. Revinto Life Sciences Pvt Ltd has come up with an easy to use air purifier prepared from the herbs used to perform yagnas in ancient times. Revinto’s Aparijitha Dhoopa sticks are prepared as per the guidelines laid down in the ancient ayurvedic text called Astangahridayam. These sticks are used for purification purposes and when burnt, give the same fragrance and aura from the yagnas.



Revinto’s Aparijitha Dhoopa is a mixture of multiple ancient herbs.

Mayur Shika or Pecock’s tail is a fern which has a geographic presence all around India. It is used to cure many microbial infections from viral fever to intestinal worm infections. It is also indicated to nullify the poison due to snake bites. Purification properties of Mayur Shika gets released into the atmosphere on burning which helps to eliminate microbes in the atmosphere.


Vacha, another major ingredient, in Aparijitha Dhoopa is renowned for its usefulness in sharpening the nervous system. Its prime property is to purify the respiratory passages. It is also indicated in various other conditions including stomach ulcers and to improve memory.


Sal tree extracts are an effective insecticide. It is also useful to promote oral health.

Neem’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties need no introduction. It is the most used household remedy for various infectious diseases in India. Burning dried and powdered neem leaves help to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. Neem is a standalone herb for fumigation.

Arka plant or Caltrophis gigantis is very useful in intestinal worm infections. It is also renowned for its effectiveness in hastening the wound healing process.

The other ingredients like Guggulu, Vettiver and Camphor is also a very effective disinfection with high anti-microbial and purification properties.

The combination of such ingredients makes Revinto’s Aparijitha Dhoopa effective in purifying the atmosphere.


It has strong anti-fungal properties and the smoke purifies the atmosphere by clearing it of fungi. According to certain sources, Aparijitha Dhoopa removes up to 96% of fungi in the atmosphere.

It is almost equally effective in removing the bacteria present in the atmosphere

Aparijitha Dhoopa is effective and long lasting purifier. Its impact can last for up to 24 hours and even after 72 hours, the microbes in the area treated with this air purifier is considerably less than how it would have been before purification.

It is effective in eliminating gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria in the atmosphere.

Aparijtha Dhoopa is an efficient mood enhancer.  Its powerful aura helps in improving positivity and improves mood. This in turn results in better productivity. This is why this product is worth a try in workspaces.


Smoke from Aparijitha Dhoopa is tolerable in most animals and humans hence it can be used liberally to disinfect work spaces, homes, cattle shed and other places


The anti-microbial properties of the smoke make Aparijitha Dhoopa an effective preventive measure against air borne diseases.



Ministry of Health and Ministry of Ayush has recommended Aparjithia Dhoopa to fight Covid-19. It has been used to fumigate camps set up to fight the pandemic. It was also used in camps set up to facilitate migrant laborers. It was also recommended to households to restore positivity in uncertain times and also to purify the atmosphere of deadly microbes. The herbal formula in Revinto’s Aparijitha Dhoopa is thus a potential preventive measure for Covid-19.



Ayurveda preparations give the best results when prepared with the best quality ingredients in the right quantity following the right methodology. Revinto’s Life Sciences Pvt Ltd have best in class labs and manufacturing units. They also have a quality control team who ensure all manufacturing processes adhere to all guidelines laid down for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to make sure your product is of high quality and provides desired outputs.

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