Arborium plus: ayurvedic medicine effective in cardiac ailments

Arborium plus

Cardiac diseases include heart defect, rheumatic heart disease, arrhythmia, myocarditis, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, high blood cholesterol, cardiovascular attack, etc. A person may have a genetic tendency to suffer from these diseases. However, suppression of feelings and stress are the major causes of constant tension and anxiety, which are underlying causes of heart ailments. Unhealthy eating and sedentary lifestyle are two other major causes.


When we develop heart diseases, it usually leads to heart attacks and strokes. Before such conditions take place, a person feels discomfort such as chest pain, tingling sensations from the middle area of the back to the hands, and even may lose consciousness. Some of the symptoms include bluish tongue and lips, shortness of breath, vomiting, cough, and fever.


Ayurvedic approach to heart diseases

According to Ayurveda, diseases and their symptoms indicate overall disturbances in the human body. It indicates that there are imbalances in the vital energies that carry out the biological processes, which keep the body as an integrated and self-sufficient system. These energies are called doshas, which are in balance so that the different organs can function optimally. If one of the energies falls out from the balance, the unique equilibrium of a person gets disturbed, in turn, disturbing the functions of the organs. This condition leads to diseases.


When one dosha gets affected and goes out of balance, it causes disturbances in the other two doshas. Vata causes major damages as it is responsible for the movements and is prone to changes. Vata usually blocks the flow of Pitta, which is responsible for the transformations. Kapha is responsible for controlling the fluids in the body.


All three doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha dwell in the heart, which means that the condition of each of the doshas can affect our heart health. On the other hand, whatever is going on in the heart can affect Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, which leads to diseases.

As a result, Ayurvedic treatments for heart diseases aim at the restoration of the balance of the three doshas, and the harmony between the energies. In this state, the body is not vulnerable to diseases.


The Ayurvedic approach to heart disease is to identify the causes of imbalances that give rise to cardiovascular disease. According to Ayurveda, toxic matter builds up because the physiology fails to get rid of it efficiently. So Ayurveda aims to remove impurities and blockages, strengthen digestion, improve metabolism, and restore the body’s natural abilities to detoxify and heal. Besides these natural ways of healing, Ayurveda suggests herbal-based medicines for heart diseases.



Arborium Plus: A natural herbal solution for heart ailments


Arborium Plus is a proprietary herbal extract manufactured by Redhill Herbal Company. It is an oral natural herbal solution for non-invasive cardiac (heart) and stroke management.


Ingredients of Arborium Plus

Arborium Plus contains Rhododendron Arborium flower juice and Seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) fruit juice mixed with suitable preservatives. This medicine is rich in anti-oxidants, beta-carotene, flavonoids, vitamins C and E, and essential minerals in natural form.


Rhododendron has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for ages. It has effective antioxidant properties and is used in the treatment and prevention of ailments associated with the heart. Seabuckthorn, on the other hand, benefits heart health in several ways. Its antioxidants help reduce risk factors of heart disease, including blood clots, blood pressure, and blood cholesterol levels.


Arborium Plus is given to people who suffer from or are prone to coronary heart disease. Patients with high blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels are also given this herbal formulation. The medicine is also good for curing atherosclerosis of blood vessels and cerebrovascular disease (stroke). Arborium Plus is also recommended for aging problems including arthritis and depression. It is also used as a free radical scavenger to counteract pollution problems.



Therapeutic dosage: 10ml per day in the morning after breakfast for two months followed by a maintenance dosage of 5ml per day for another two months.


Preventive dosage:  5ml per day in the morning after breakfast for two months.


Arborium Plus can be taken safely with any other drugs like Allopathic or Homeopathic. Maintain a 15 minutes gap between Arborium Plus and other drugs. Being a flower and fruit juice, there are no known side effects of this drug.

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