Areca tea

Areca tea

Areca nut is widely cultivated in India. Also known as betel nut, this plant is a staple in states like Karnataka, Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Meghalaya. India is the largest producer and consumer of this wonder nut. It is widely used for mastication along with betel leaves. This nut has a plethora of medicinal benefits from helping in controlling diabetes and cholesterol to improving overall immunity. Green Remedies have come with a new concept by introducing an herbal, nutritious and tasty tea with areca nut. Areca Tea from Green Remedies has all the benefits of Areca and is also enriched with other medicinal herbs to make it tastier, healthier and better. This product was awarded the “Innovative Product of the Year 2015” by “Make in India Excellence Awards, Government of India”.

Green Remedies’ Areca Tea comes in form of infusion bags. It is easy to make, all you have to do is dip the bag in hot water for three to five minutes and your healthy and delicious areca tea is ready! This herbal tea can have the same stimulating effects as your normal morning tea but is enriched by the unique taste and aroma of areca extracts which leaves an intoxicatingly pleasant aura. Areca tea can enrich your senses and leave you loaded with pleasantness and positivity courtesy to its aroma and unique herbal odor. It also has a stimulating taste which makes you wonder why you haven’t tried this product for such a long time! A cup of Green Remedies’ Areca tea in the morning can leave your mind refreshed and relieved from the tensions of the previous day and from the sleepy, tired mood from your bed. Though it tastes best with water, Areca tea can also be had with milk for enhanced health benefits.


One of the main reasons many people consume bed tea is to help ease bowel movement in the morning. Areca tea from Green Remedies is a powerful appetizer. It improves digestion and metabolism. It helps eliminate the ama or undigested food residue in the body promoting an easy bowel movement. Areca tea is also easy on the internal organs and does not create any uncalled robust reactions with the gastric acids. It instead soothes the walls of the stomach and improves the absorption of nutrients in the body. The power of other herbal ingredients also improves the health benefits and nutrition load of Green Remedies’ Areca tea.

 Areca nut is a rich source of anti-oxidants. It has more antioxidants than any other tea. This improves nourishment at the cellular level and prevents cell degeneration. It also promotes cell regeneration making it a powerful anti-aging drink. Yes! If your dream is to stay as young and youthful as long as possible, it is best to shift to Areca tea. It is one of the best anti-aging drinks which can also help keep your skin healthy and young. Being a rich source of anti-oxidants also makes Areca tea, a potent immunity booster. Green Remedies has also loaded their infusion bags with extracts from other herbs like lemongrass, basil or spearmint amongst other herbs to improve the immunity boosting qualities of this product. It will definitely offer improved immune responses compared to your normal morning tea.

Areca Tea from Green Remedies is effective in controlling diabetes. It is a ‘go-to option’ for diabetic patients. Areca tea improves metabolism and thus helps in breaking down sugars which can help mildly in the management of diabetes. This drink is safe for diabetic patients and will not cause a spike in blood sugar levels even if it doesn’t help in reducing the blood sugar levels drastically.

Its ability to eliminate LDL cholesterol is also documented. Areca tea is basic in nature and can help in relieving acidity. It can help alleviate disorders caused by acidity, like nausea and gastritis. It also helps soothe the walls of the stomach. Thus Green Remedies’ Areca tea is a potent gastro-intestinal nourisher.

It promotes relaxation. It has a strengthening and healing effect on the body. It can help ease stress in the mind and body. Green Remedies’ Areca tea is an overall relaxant and health booster. The best part is this tea is also tasty and can make your mind carve for more. Try controlling your temptation for more after sipping it once!


Green Remedies have taken their innovation to the next level. Areca tea is now available in your favorite flavor!

If you are that vitamin C guy who craves lemon everyday Areca Tea is available in your favorite lemon flavor now! Loaded with the benefits of Areca combined with the nutrients of lemon grass to give you a lemony feel, as you sip your morning tea!

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For those who are mint-crazy, there is one with the mint flavor. Enriched with the digestive and immunity promoting the goodness of spearmint, this flavor can combine the areca flavor with spearmint to offer a unique herbal pinch on your tongue!

Then there is that tea crazy person who is ready to add herbs to his tea and not replace his tea with herbs. For him Green Remedies offer Areca tea flavored in the taste of your normal tea!

Those who love the smell of Shunti, enjoy the aroma of Ginger in Green Remedies’ Areca Tea Ginger flavor!

If you want to add some sacredness to your morning tea, your Areca tea also comes combined with the health and taste benefits of India’s most sacred herb –Tulsi! Now get the immunity boost of Tulsi with the uniqueness of Areca in Areca tea Tulsi.

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