a herbal bath with parimala bathing powder can eliminate germs and bad odour

parimala bathing powder

Parimala bathing powder is an herbal body wash powder offered by Chaitanya Pharmaceuticals. It is prepared exclusively from a mixture of herbs highly rated in ayurvedic literature for their cleansing properties. This herbal powder is powered by herbs like Triphala, Turmeric, Sandalwood and Bael for wholesome nourishment of the skin. Regularly using Parimala bathing powder to wash your body can help keep bad odor and germs away from our skin. It is also is as effective as soap in washing dirt off the body. The herbal formulation is powered by many anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory herbs which help eliminate the microbes and germs on the skin. This herbal powder will also prevent dry skin that occurs due to excess use of soap. To lead a healthy life close to nature and away from chemicals and artificial soaps opt for Parimala bathing powder as your daily body cleanser.

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Chemical soaps started to become a part of our life only in the 19th century; their widespread use began only in the latter part of the twentieth century. So for much of their history, humans have depended on herbal body cleansers to keep themselves hygienic and dirt-free. Soaps will add an artificial fragrance on your skin, herbal bathing powders like Parimala helps to preserve the natural aura and odor of your skin keeping you closer to nature and creation.  If you are skeptical about shifting towards an herbal bathing powder because you love the foam produced by soap, this bathing powder produces natural foam powered by herbal cleansers like Acacia.

Get closer to nature by cleaning yourself with herbal extracts completely free of chemicals and artificial ingredients. For those who would like to use herbal powders occasionally, it is recommended to use Parimala herbal bathing powder on days you take an oil bath. According to ayurvedic ritucharyas and dinacharyas, it is recommended to take an oil bath twice a day ideally on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Oil can remove certain dirt and grease on the skin which cannot be eliminated by soap. So if not twice a week, at least once is recommended by ayurvedic physicians for a healthy and hygienic life.


The best ayurvedic skin cleansers and nourishers are an integral part of this bathing powder. It is loaded with the benefits of Sandalwood, Acacia, Nutgrass, Amla, Turmeric, Haritaki, Ficus, Java Fig, Bael and other herbs which are rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin and also help improve skin tone and texture. This composition is completely free from chemicals and artificial ingredients.


Parimala bathing powder can help cleanse the body without inducing any artificial odor on the skin.

It is loaded with many anti-microbial herbs which help eliminate germs on the skin.

It is best to use this herbal bathing powder along with an oil bath to remove dirt and grease which don’t go away with soap.

It is soft on the skin and does not leave any texture. It does not leave the skin dry, as soaps and shampoos do.

It is completely free from artificial ingredients and chemicals making it much better than soap for long term use on the skin.

Loaded with herbs like Triphala and Sandalwood, Parimala bathing powder can help in improving patches, rashes and pimple marks on the skin.

It can also improve the skin tone naturally with the nourishing benefits of its herbal ingredients.

Regular use of this herbal bathing powder can keep your skin younger for a long time thanks to its anti-aging herbal ingredients.


Take the required quantity of Parimala herbal bathing powder in a small container. Add a few drops of water to make a paste. Rub this on wet skin to remove dirt. Leave it for three to five minutes and wash away.

For best results use this herbal bathing powder on oil bath days. It is also a standalone body cleanser.


This product is designed by a combination of herbs that are safe on the skin and highest rated in Ayurveda for cleansing properties. There are no side effects possible for using this product.

Most of the herbal ingredients in this product like Sandalwood, Bael, Nutgrass, and Turmeric for instance are widely used by multi-national soap manufacturers for their beneficial effects on the skin. The best way to make the most of the beneficial effects of these herbs will be to use them in their natural form like in Parimala bathing powder.


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