Ayur bala

Ayur bala

Ayush Ayur Ashrama Pharmaceuticals have come up with a unique formula which boosts immunity and offers protection from all kinds of respiratory diseases. Ayurbala, their uniquely blended herbal decoction is designed to eliminate all deficiency in the body and offer complete rejuvenation.  Ayur Ashrama pharmaceuticals market their tonic Ayur Bala as a one stop solution to help recovery from all kinds of diseases. This tonic is prepared from a unique blend of extracts from Noni fruit, Bhumiamalaki, Guduchi and Ashwagandha. All these four herbal extracts are standalone saptadhatu nourishers. When brought together in unique proportions, they become the best possible tonic to offer complete nourishment to the body. In these desperate times, when we feel no one is safe from the pandemic, this immunity booster health enhancer is the drink of our dreams. It will boost our immunity and offer us protection from all kinds of diseases. All its ingredients are individually backed by science for its all-round nourishment. The combination is surely is more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Ayush Ayur Ashrama’s Ayurbala is a complete nourisher which will trigger immune reactions in our body and also help in cell regeneration and improve overall health. It in ayurvedic terms is regarded as having the potential to improve one’s ojas (the vital energy which keeps the body functioning from within) and tejas (the external aura).


Noni extracts have shown the potential to improve overall health in many scientific studies. It is a good source of Vitamin C, which aids in the development of our immune systems by protecting our cells from free radicals and environmental contaminants. Other antioxidants included in Noni extracts, such as beta carotene, can help improve immunological function. Its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-histamine characteristics also aid in immune enhancement. Noni has the potential to help in management of diabetes. It is also effective in improving heart health and in reducing damage to the lungs in case of respiratory diseases. It is also recommended for arthritis and to reduce fever. Noni is the primary ingredient in Ayur Bala health drink.

Guduchi is a complete rejuvenator on its own. It is one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurveda for overall health and for triggering immune reactions. It nourishes the entire body and is recommended as a cure for a host of diseases. To read more about Gudduchi, click here

Ashwagandha was one of the earliest herbs tested for efficacy in treating covid-19 disease. The herb in scientific studies has shown to possess component which have the potential to bind with the invading covid-19 virus preventing it from bonding with the receptors in the body and causing damage to our health. Clinical studies to prove the efficacy of Ashwagandha for this disease are going on. Ashwagandha is regarded as a shukra dhatu nourisher in Ayurveda. This effectively makes it one of those herbs which can nourish the entire body. It improves vitality, provides strength and stamina to the body. It is widely prescribed diseases related to the reproductive and excretory organs. Read more about scientifically proven benefits of Ashwagandha here

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Bhumiamalaki is renowned for its efficacy in treating diabetes and liver diseases. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce heat in the body. Accumulation of heat because of stress and tension are one of the major causes many modern diseases. A dose of this herb can help keep many such lifestyle and stress induced disorders at bay.


Ayush Ayur Ashrama recommends Ayur Bala for preventing cancer, kidney diseases and liver disorders.

It is a complete tonic for the body and helps rejuvenate the entire body.

It might help improve cell regeneration

It helps to provide relief from inflammations.

If helps to prevent diseases caused by microbial infections.

Ayur Bala improves immune response to diseases.


It is recommended to consume 15-30 ml of this decoction with a glass of water once or twice a day sfter food for immunity and rejuvenation. To get your personalized dosage with respect to your Tridosas and gunas consult an ayurvedic doctor.

Pregnant women and Lactating mothers are recommended to consume this medicine only after consultations with an ayurvedic physician.

It is safe for people with liver disorders. Diabetic patients are recommended to keep a tab of their blood sugar levels regularly when consuming this medicine. If wild fluctuations are noticed, stop consuming and consult a doctor.

It is safe to consume this with other allopathic medicines. It is however advice to give a thirty minute gap between Ayur Bala and other allopathic medicines.


No adverse side effects are noticed for this tonic.

However, the side effects listed for Noni and other ingredients shall apply for this tonic.

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